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  1. Thanks for your reply Matthew; we'd thought along the same lines that you've mentioned here. Our experience has indicated that the 8810 control outputs are, in fact, particular about the types of load they will drive. They appear to be able to source enough current to drive 18mA, however the voltage drops to <5 Volts. Our application requires a 24V relay with a rated input coil impedance of 650 Ohms. We initially tried some off the shelf items from Radio Shack with the results I mentioned above. Before we received your reply, we had already ordered solid-state relays from OMRON: G3NA-D210B-DC5-24, 7mA. They're installed and work a treat. They were not inexpensive but were a tiny fraction of the install cost. Thanks again.
  2. Our installation requires that the digital outputs of the 8810 drive a set of external relays. The question is given the current drving capacity of these outputs being 10mA (maximum) per pin, specifically which relays shall we use? We tried some off the shelf Radioshack relays, but they source too much current from the 8810. We determined that we should use solid state relays........can anyone help us choose. We need specific model/part numbers. The specs are that the relays be able to operate with 10 Volt control (or less) from the 8810 and supply 24Volts output. Thanks.