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  1. that worked out, thanks. but generally, how should one know that "Filter 29" is filter # 1 on channel 2? and why does it read "Filter 29 Enable" in the System Explorer window and not "Channel 2 Filter 1 Enable"? this isn't very intuitive that way... is there a special sense to that?
  2. I've set a 100Hz Low Shelf on both Channels of a CTS 3000 in the Input Processing EQ Section System Architect doesn't allow me switch these on and off from my Control Panel, as I can only choose "Filter 1 Enable [5000]" in the System Explorer Window and not "Channel 1 Filter 1 Enable" and "Channel 2 Filter 1 Enable". if i switch the button only the Filter on Channel 1 is switched from on to off and vice versa. Filter 2 doesn't switch on and off how can I solve this problem?
  3. Hi, I have a problem with controlling the iq network with my pda (mda II with Pocket PC 2003): When I connect the PDA to the PC by Bluetooth and I start PocketIQ the field with Network Interface keeps empty. when i clicl ok no more errors appear but the remoting does not work. Do you know how I can make it work? MfG Andy (Germany)