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  1. Itech 8000 preset download

    You'll need a cat-5 "crossover" cable or a Router/Switch between the amp and your laptop. It's a standard computer networking thing, and it is clearly explained in the manual. Well, ok... maybe not THAT clearly, but it's in there......

    Aaron - I have to guess that your subs are EAW FR250z's and that by default they are wired as +2/-2 (check the back of the box on the input plate - it tells you) If this is this is the case.... - using a 2-conductor speakon/speakon cable will get you nothing on either of the amp's outputs. - using a 4-conductor speakon/speakon cable will allow for AMP OUT #1 to send CH2's output (on the +2/-2) one of the subs - using a 4-conductor speakon/speakon cable will allow for AMP OUT #2's output to travel along the +1/-2 of the cable, going nowhere as the subs are only seeing the +2/-2 of the cable. I went through this years ago - I would offer the advice of either: - Making specialty cables for use only with this amp and subs (and this is not my first choice) - Make an I/O panel on your amp rack specificly for this setup or.... the easiest solution I can think of in this case (and as was my case years ago) is to change the wriring of the sub from +2/-2 to +1/-1 - it's easy to do. Most other manufacturers use the +1/-1 for wiring of their offerings in this level, and once you do that you can use your existing speaker cabeling as you normally would with any other passive speaker. If you're not farmiliar with everything possible with 4-pin speakon wiring, it's a beautiful thing IMHO, but it takes a little time to wrap your head around. Feel free to ask if I can help clarify anything above. Ryan
  3. XTI woes

    From what I can gather from online sales sites and based on MSRP Pricing, the Lab C68:4 lists for about THREE TIMES what the XTI4000 does. I would not expect the same performance.
  4. First Time Power Amp User

    Hey Sammy - 1) You will do no damage by just using one side of the amp at a time - perfectly OK. 2) Sure, if you want to. You can essentially treat the amplifier as two independant mono amplifiers that happen to live in one chassis. 3) The Impedance rating does not need to match on both sides (remember, think of is as two independant amps in one chassis) - chances are your 4x12 guitar cab is either 16? or 4?, and your bass cabinet is either 4? or 8?, and there is no problem with different loads on either side of the amp. Remember that the load will affect the max available power - you have approx: 600w at 4? 380w at 8? and while there is no published spec for 16?, I'd guesstimate about 240w. When you put your rig together for the first time, be careful not to overpower your speakers or clip anything - start low and listen carefully - if something sounds wrong, it usually is wrong.
  5. XTI 4000

    Also, In System Architect, USB connectivity is disables by default - you must turn it on. TOOLS / OPTIONS / MANAGE NETWORK CONNECTIONS / "ADD CONNECTIONS".
  6. Hey Coaster - I had the same issue a while back - when I contacted Crown, I was essentially told that there was a revision change. The color is correct, no matter how it is orientated - Red is Positive, Black is Negative. I believe that the "newer" version has the channel "A" Speakon wired for Both channel outputs, where the old version was wired for Pin 1's only.
  7. High Impendence on XS900

    Wooooooooooooaaaaaaaah there boys and girls..... Simsim: "To make things work they will have to be daisy-chained (in series)". Incorrect - they would be "Daisy-chained" in paralell, not series - big difference.
  8. High Impendence on XS900

    You can chain the three monitors together - and the nominal impedance of 3x 200w/16ohm speakers in paralell would be a 600w at 12 ohms. . You sill not damage the amplifier or the speakers by connecting them in this way - just don't clip the amp.
  9. help to make presets for VRX system

    Hey Nick - Your English is very good - not to worry! JBL (and most other speaker manuacturers) calls for the same voltage gain on each bandpass for their settings to translate well - inside IQWic or System Archetect you can adjust the voltage gain to be the same. I made some screenshots for you to show you where to find it in IQ and SA, but I can't figure out how to upload them Once someone tells me how, I'll post them for you. Ryan
  10. XTI Power up "pop"

    After checking with my Local service dude, it turns out that my amps do indeed have a problem. They're on their way.......
  11. XTI Power up "pop"

    A question for Crown Tech Support then - I have only used an XTI a handful of times. Are they not supposed to "pop" on Power up? If so, the one I'm using will be returned for a new one and I'll try again.
  12. I've been playing with an XTI 4000 to power a new sound system and the power up "pop" is driving me nuts. Is there anything that can be done to eliminate this on Power-up, short of not connecting the speakers until after powering up the amps? Thanks in advance - R.

    Fantum48 - I has a similar experience to the "chirping and whistling" (and you're right, it was kinda peaceful!) I discovered that it was because I was linking multiple amplifiers together with the XLR in/out jacks on the back of the amps. (eg in a rack with 4x IT4000's I had all of the input A's jumped togeher as well as all of the input B's, and recalling presets was the easy way to make different options possible) On some of my IT's I got the same chirping, and on some of them I didn't. I simply stopped doing this as a temporary measure and I have since to hear it again. R.
  14. I-Tech "Peak Voltage Limiter"

    Calling Tech support and being reminded that Ohms law hasn't changed since I used it last.... . I realized that I knew the answer before I asked.... Thanks all - R.
  15. I am having a problem trying to figure out the I-Tech's Peak Voltage Limiter feature for my current Systems, using an assortment of EAW Speakers (mainly LA400, JFX260, JFX560, and SBX220) I cannot find a recomended "Voltage rating" for any of these speakers as a published spec, but I assume that I would want to make use of a Limiter to help ensure the safety of my gear. In my case, an average rack of (3) IT4000 would drive: 2x JFX260 (biamp, 500W mid / 200W hi) 2x JFX560 (biamp, 500W mid / 200W hi) 4x LA-400 (500W) or 2x SBX-220 (1600W) In each case, each amplifier channel would see a 4-ohm nominal load. Is there a way to calculate the Peak Voltage Limiter settings based on this information? My fear is that experimenting with settings could lead to damage.... Any help would be appreciated - Ryan