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  1. WE got 5 Macro-tech 3600VZ. Four of the amps with or without signal and speakers connected the ODEP light comes on on both channels within 5 seconds. The fifth amp however, takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes before the ODEP lights up. Now all amplfiers are working perfectly (not sure if the fifth is limiting). My question is, why does it take so long for the ODEP led to come on. Is this a warning sign.
  2. Macrotech 5002VZ Issue

    We have eight 5002VZ. Over the past six months, 6 of these amps are suffering similar symptoms. One channel shuts down shortly after turn on. The signal/IOC light turns solid green on affected channel. The ODEP light is on. I swapped the preamp board with one from a working amp. and problem solved. I am suspecting the TL072 or LM 389 but not sure. Do anyone have service info or schematic for this amp. Will appreciate assistance.