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  1. Hi, I work with a few different college and community theater groups, and there is a difference of opinion about the proper way to mount PCC-160s on a stage, so I figured I would ask here. I remember that PZMs are resistant to noise coming up from the floor as vibrations from people walking near the mics, so the only footsteps one hears through them are from the noise of footsteps coming through the air, is the same thing true of PCC mics? A number of theater audio people I know mount their PCC-160s on top of foam pads to isolate them from the floor vibrations of actors walking near them. But as for myself and some other theater audio people I know, we've always believed the PCC-160s should be mounted directly against the hard boundary surface of the stage in order to work properly. Which is the proper way to mount PCC-160s? Don't they need the hard contact with the stage floor as part of their boundary surface like a PZM does? Or is the actual plate on the microphone the only hard boundary required? Is the foam cushion a bad idea? Thanks. EWK