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  1. xti 2000 or xti 4000

    That is odd... I have just the opposite experience. I have several XTi 4000s and several XTi 2000s. At times I will bridge mono an XTi 2000 and run it for 1 EAW SB850 loaded with RCF 18 speakers, each rated at 1000 watts in 8 ohms. The sound is huge. I have also used the XTi 4000 with 2 EAW SB850 speakers one cabinet per side at 4 ohms 1200 watts a side and don't get near the punch. Are you sure the XTi 2000 is in bridge mono mode and that the cross-over is set as you would like it to be? If that is true then what your saying is exactly the opposite of what I have experienced. bill I saw what U say about your expirience wit 2k & 4k crowns. I have 4 pieces 2k + 4 pieces 4k and I have tried so many aplications with all of 8 amplifiers,and have expirience with both models... In my system dsp on amps are allways in off mode.I allways use DBX drive rack for every aplication. Let me just say again my story: my RCF18 sounds much better with 650w@8ohms stereo on XTI 4000 than with 1000w@4ohms bridge on XTI 2000!!!!! !!!!! pls tell me are U using them in brg or stereo mode? My equipment is woking at EXIT festival ( if U heve heard for it ) & the festival crew is allways expecting as much dB-s as possibile... So few times I have pushed my amps in termal protect at night with outdoor temp about 10 C ( specialy with XTI 2000 ). As I said I'm new at this forum and I'm very pleased with your comment so let me THANK U 4 wellcome anwer 2 me. It would be nice if you send your Email to me so I can send U some photos of my system & some measurments ... lineaudio milos
  2. Hi there! I'm new here and saw some interesting topics... So I have a question. I'm haveing a PA system RCF 4 way hornloaded 18-15-10-1 inch units. All of the cabinets are selfmade but everything is very well manufactured. Plywood birtch & so... Subwoofers are RCF L 18 p300N . I have 4 units of these. I've tried to power them with xti2000 in bridge @4ohms ( 2 in parallel ) but the result was not so good with it as it was with xti 4000 @ 8ohms ( 1 per channel ). I hope that U can understand my test . 1 x RCF P300N with 1000w power from xti 2000 in bridge mode 4ohms vs 1 x RCF P300N with 650w power from xti 4000 in stereo mode... so the question for anyone who has any expirience with these topics will be: can anyone tell me why my low section ( 35-100Hz) is working so much better with 650w from xti4000 than with 1000w from xti2000???