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  1. We are always working on new products and improvements to products. I will add your request for control via TCP/IQ to the list of requests. We prioritize product development by market needs, so obviously your request will carry some influence. 690[/snapback] Thank you very much, Rusty and Brad. Moxa is a one fresh idea. will experiment with it once i get the chance to. Thanks. best regards, vincent
  2. Hi Brad, is there any development on the IQ-MC4/8 for the Multi-channel amp to have TCP/IQ feature in the near future? we are working on a proposal to have all the CTs amplifiers including multi-channel amps to be controlled from a single platform i.e. TCP/IQ. we are also wondering if there is a work-around way to it at present, prob using the IQ gateway. Thank you vincent
  3. Hi Brad, thank you for the reply. will definitely try it out physically one of these days and post the outcome of the test. vincent
  4. Hi Guys, is it possible to control the older USP2 cards through the same UDP protocol via a PC running IQ gateway? Theoretically, it seems possible since the UDP protocol only requires an IQ address. Please advise. Thank you Vincent
  5. Hi Brad, my colleague has rectified the problem. The fault was found in the earlier batch of CTS amplifiers, just need to service some components and it will be all system go. Thank you. regards, Vincent