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  1. I want to put a PZM mic under the lid of a grand piano and would like to know the best way to secure it. I intend on leaving it there permanently. The actual mic weighs less than a pound. Does anyone know of a particular tape that would have a strong hold without damaging the finish if the mic needed to be replaced? Thanks.
  2. Can someone describe how to install bare speaker wires to the binding posts? Thanks.
  3. I have a XLS 402 amp that is outputting to two stage monitors. After some use, no sound comes out from the monitors. When I looked at the indicator lights, the two channels were receiving a signal (indicated by the steady green lights), however the blue power light was not on. The fault lights were not on. The fans on the back were off also. This has happened frequently and consistently. Should I send my amp in for repair? Thank you.