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  1. can i add a sub to my system?

    got it...thanks....i guess ill buy another amp and sub....what sub will be loud and not super expensive, i don't think ill be able to afford a new xti1000, i might go with a B-stock or used....idk which sub to get.......thanks
  2. hey guys i got a quick question.....i have a xti4000 running 2 mackie S225's in stereo mode, but i want to add a sub so i can get better bass, just by a little bit...can i add a small sub to my system??...thanks in advance for the help
  3. Should I switch to I-Tech stuff?

    i have used the QSC PLX,and the RMX series amps,and my crown XTi's HOUSE both of them,crown had the DSP that eliminates my need for a rack mount Equalizer..the I-tech is the bigger bro of the Xti...if u can afford that def. go with's reliable and crystal clear sound.
  4. Coming March 12...

    hey guys... i have a noob don't you guys like DSP??...what does it do?..i have wondered since i have it in my xti4000...jus wondering if anyone wants to shed some light
  5. I like to call that "clean" power. lol same in simpler new PL 8 will "clean" the power that is goin to my 4000....and clean power for my cell phone lolzz jk....but i hope it all works out.
  6. i was just gonna hook up my xti4000 and maybe a laptop or cell phone charger lol.
  7. i bought a furman PL8 II professional 15 amp power conditioner...i heard these are pretty good with amps...what do you thing.. heres a link and what is the max the xti4000 uses like how many amps?
  8. so is my amp protected from a power spike with out a conditioner?
  9. but when i have plugged into my wall outlet i get a hissing sound from my speakers...i was hoping this would protect it and also protect against power spikes and i don't blow the amp up
  10. bought some mackie s225's instead...they pound harder than the mrx525...they are really nice...i just got them the otherday
  11. looking for a power conditioner for my xti400 is 15amp good enough? like the furman pl 8 plus.
  12. Speaker choices

    look into the JBL JRX 115...they mite cost a little bit more but they are really nice...if you do wanna spend more look into the mackie s 200 series.
  13. xti4000's and ?

    man i really reccomend some mackie S225's man....i just got a pair and hooked em up to my XTI4000...they POUND!!!...shake my whole mite wanna look into those and a pair of the mackie s218 subs with built in low pass filter.
  14. what does ADR mean?

    The latest firmware is part of the latest software release. Download and install System Architect 1.6 and when you start it the software will see the older device firmware and ask if you would like to update. If you have one of the very early XTi amps system Architech will not see the amps to begin with and yuo will need to use the CLoader program and either the .hex or the .s firmware file. The CLoader and firmware are downloadable from the Hpro web site at: under the section "Important Note" "The Firmware update itself can be downloaded here". i dit it...thanx dglass...did i tell you i bought the mackie s225's?...ill post pics if my of these days