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  1. XTi 1000 Constant Hiss

    David, Can you confirm this statement? Are the XTI-series in fact a bit noisy, or should a XTI-XXXX amp be considered faulty if it produces hiss even without being connected to any sound source?
  2. XTi 1000 Constant Hiss

    Having a hiss is not a normal issue. This is a strangeone the one amp should be making little to no noise on it's own. Does the amp make the hissing sound when there are no inputs connected? Are you using the DSP filters? If so is there any frequency, frequencies or band of frequencies being boosted? The amp has a three year warranty and even if it is outside the exchange policy it can be sent in for repair. We will even pay for shipping both ways. A Service Return Authorization (SRA) can be generated on our web site at: http://crownweb.crownintl.com/crownrma/collectdemo.asp . Then by contacting our service department with the SRA number they can issue you a return shipping label and a box if you need it. I have just purchased a XTI-4000, an when I hook it up with no DSP (or even with DSP) and just the speakers connected I also hear a hiss. It doesn't change if i connect a mixer to the inputs of the amp. Turning the volume knobs on the amp up and down doesn't change the level of the hiss! I can't really tell how loud the "hiss" is, but I can hear it even if i'm standing like 5 meters away, but I can't really hear it when I'm playing loud music over the speakers. Does this means that the amp is faulty?