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  1. XTI-4000 and MRX525

    Thanks for the prompt response. I really appreciate your help in this. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to play around with the settings using the System Architect 1.5 software. I got lost at setting the Low Shelf Filter, the 6 EQ Filters frequency, and the High Shelf Filter for Channel 1 and Channel 2. I'm not sure what values I should put in those fields. For the crossover point, should I use the one for the JBL MRX525s or the XTI 4000 because the MRX525 crossover frequency is 1.8kHz and I'm not sure for the XTI. I'm getting everything through the subwoofer including the vocals so there must be something wrong with the config. I left the Delay and Limit off as you suggested but I couldn't figure out the EQ and Crossover. Do you have preset files for the XTI 4000 that I can just load into System Architect and play with it from there? At least it'd be a starting point. Thanks again!
  2. XTI-4000 and MRX525

    Then I would adjust the crossover on the Xti 4000 imbetween 85-95 Hz so that the Xti 4000 doesn't send the MRX525's and sound below the frequency range I previously mentioned. Try anything imbetween there and see which sounds best with your subs and mains. Around 100 Hz up is when vocals start coming through on the sub which usually makes vocals sound muddy. What about the rest of the settings on the amp? i.e. crossover frequency, limiting, delay, etc.? Should I just leave those off?
  3. XTI-4000 and MRX525

    We also have a Crown XS500 that we're planning to power the sub with. Right now, this is our setup: XTI-4000 Output: Ch1 goes into 1 MRX525 and Ch2 goes into the other MRX525 for a stereo setup. Then the inputs of the XTI go into the Main Out of the Mackie board. Consider that we throw in the XS500 to power the 18" sub, how would I configure the DSP on the XTI-4000 for live band? Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I'm have a pair of JBL MRX525s that is powered by the XTI-4000. I'm seriously in need of some settings for the amp that would work nicely with these speakers for a live band environment. Please share with me your setup. All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!