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  1. What is the math on setting up the Peak Volt limiters on the IT amps? What wattage do I use? I would like to make a spread sheet to allow me input a certain wattage and my peak voltage is there. For example, my speaker ratings are: 600 RMS 1200 Program 2400 Peak 4 ohm
  2. Xti 6000 for SRX 728

    To much power... I have an IT8000 powering 4 SRX718s (2 per channel) and it is a good match.
  3. SRX718s & IT8000

    Bill... it is the Older IT's... not the IT-HDs and yes I am running the most current version of SA.
  4. SRX718s & IT8000

    Drive rack pa+ And why would you suggest a Driverack PA+? I am looking at using the IT's internal DSP.
  5. I have an IT8000 on the way to drive 4 SRX718s (2 per side) and I have a few questions and looking for some directions. Are there any SRX700 tuning files for the IT amps? How do I set the amp up; on the input stage and outputs? How do I set the limiters for the Peak and RMS values?
  6. I would like to Demo or Rent a pair of SRX728 subs for a weekend with Live Music (4 piece Rock band). I am still in my quest for UCS1 replacements. Since your wondering; Amp Wise: I am going to use a stereo XTi6000 on these. Yes, I do have 2 XTi4000 and access to a 3rd XTi4000 if I "need" the extra power. The weekend I am looking to do this is May 22nd and May 23rd. I don't mind coming to pick them up from you the Friday morning and dropping them off mid day on Sunday. I am located in Southern MD, I don't mind driving an hour or so to pick up a pair to try out. Email me at mattviv (AT) meerkatsound (DOT) com
  7. I would like to know how much different the Driverack 260 processing is to the XTi DSP. How different are the "transfer functions"? If I plug in DR260 settings into the XTi's will the "traces" be the same?
  8. Alright I am about to pull the plug on the New XTi6000 (Mid March ETA for me), I am trying to plan out my power routes for the amp rack. I am running the QRx212 as mains and Yorkville UCS1 as subs. The UCS1 subs might be switched out for EV QRx218. My Amp rack for the mains is going to look like this: XTi1000: 8 ohm load in stereo; driving the horns, 1 per channe XTi4000: 4 ohm load in stereo; driving the 12's, 1 box per channel XTi6000: 4 ohm load in stereo; driving the subs I plan on adding 2 XTi4000 to my monitor rig driving 1 MRX512m per channel (4 monitor mix rig). How much power will this draw? How many breakers would I need to find for this rig? How many XTi are you running and how big of breaker, what kind of load?
  9. Does anyone know what happened to the MRX and XTi presets? The ones I am looking for are: MRX512m MRX525 MRX518
  10. Outpput EQ on XTi

    Normally the Output EQ is for driver tuning. The reason the VRX tunings had EQ applied on the 'input' EQ is that it was the only EQ available on the Xti until release 1.90 of SA. The Input EQ would be used as global EQ and would be linked via a master control panel so that all amplifiers in a rack are referenced and used as a 'House' EQ. (Thats what i do anyway) Thank you... that what I thought.
  11. Outpput EQ on XTi

    Which would be better for speaker tuning; In or Out? I downloaded a few presets from JBL VRX stuff, and it is showing the PRE-X-over for system tuning. What confuses me is if I put the DR4800 settings for the VRX stuff(into the DR4800) the L&R inputs are flat and the Post-X-Over eq's have the adjustments for the speaker tunings. So would the IN EQ (pre x-over) be better for "Room" EQ'ing and the OUT EQ (post x-over) be used for speaker tunings...
  12. Outpput EQ on XTi

    I'd like to get a little more information on the Input EQ and Output EQ. Does the Input EQ effect all amps? or just that specific amp? Basically I am wondering if it like the DR4800 input PEQ. I want to use the In EQ for Room settings and the Output EQ is used for Speaker PEQ settings. I am going to 3 amps, 1 running horns, 1 runing the mids and 1 on the subs. I would like to do away with the 31band EQ.
  13. How did you do it? If I am not mistaken, that is a Mac Book laptop I also wondering what version of SA this is? BTW... I see the new XTi6000...
  14. Macrotech Pics

    I see 2 EV controllers in there... What systems are you running?
  15. From your local or long term dealer.... I purchase 99% of my new gear from 2 or 3 dealers.