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  1. XTI 4000 Problems

    ***UPDATE*** I wanted to thank the crown staff. I sent my amp in for service. It came back and has been flawless since. Thank you very much. I wanted to update to give hope to others with issues. I know how frustrating it is to have a defective product and to send it back to the manufacturer only to have them not fix the problem, send it back, and have that original problem persist. Crown's service deptartment is clearly a notch above the rest. I also wanted to say thank you. Most people take the time to complain about their issues, but few take the time to say thank you. (I know the feeling at my own job)
  2. How did this ever work?

    It will pass audio but you weren't getting the full power of bridge mono. In theroy it would be about half the power and as long as you weren't driving the amp in order to get more power out then the half power you had, you wouldn't notice it. So for what you were doing that night you never reached that point to notice. If you did then you would have noticed it. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support That's what I assumed, except for one thing: How was I not distorting the sub or making the amp really hot? Its a 800 watt sub @ 8 ohms and I was pushing it pretty hard.
  3. Looking for comments and/or explanation: I was doing a gig last night, and I use a Power Base 2 to run 1 Yorkville EX808 Sub (800 Watts at 8 ohms). I run it in bridge mono to accommodate the sub. I let a friend borrow the amp to run a low powered set of speakers, so i set the switch back to stereo. I used it again last night and wired it up like I usually do, with one exception, I never set the switch back to bridge mono. Here's where it gets odd. I used input 1 only, with the gains on input 1 set to max, and the gain on input 2 set to 0. I wired my speakers across the 2 red terminals, using out 2 as my negative. (normal bridge mono wiring) It ran all night (about 6 hours) without the amp getting hotter than normal, or any distortion! (I didnt notice the switch position until we were packing up) I was pushing it pretty hard too. How did this work?? Questions: How did it even make sound with the speakers wired up across the 2 reds in stereo mode? How did it not distort if it wasn't set to use the both channels of the amp? one channel on the power base 2 is clearly not enough to run 800 watts at 8 ohms. ??? Is this some sort of auto switch? Did crown account for this scenario?
  4. XTI 4000 Problems

    Does crown have any other fix? This problem happens in the middle of shows, and this isn't really a suitable fix for my application.
  5. Please Help! I purchased my xti in late July and since then I have been having this problem. Every so often I will lose channel 2. The first time I didn't get a chance to trouble shoot it, it was towards the end of the show. The other times, I have narrowed it down to the amp. I can get past it by either changed to inputs ch1+ch2 or Y-input, but in stereo the I will get nothing out of ch.2. I am getting singal from the meters no matter what mode I am in. It happens with both the speakton and bing post outputs. If cycle from stereo to ch1+ch2 to y input a couple of times it will occasionally come back in stereo. Other times it will not. One time I had it in CH1+Ch2 mode and all of the sudden had a significant boost in volume. (Then the stereo mode came back) I have used a power base 2 for years and never had a problem. (This is why I continued my business with crown) I don't want to send it back without a way to reproduce the problem because they will find nothing wrong with it and send it back to me and all I will have accomplished is wasting time. Has anyone ever had this problem? I have read through the forums and have found only one similar problem. (Which the used solved by returning his XTI, which would not be an option for me since I purchased mine in August) Any suggestions?