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  1. IT 4000 Hicups?

    Well, we just got back from Vegas and has an IT 4000 run around and I am wondering if anyone else has run into this: 1. We run 3 IT-4000's in each drive rack for our vertec system. Each drive is built around pushing 8 Vertec 4887's and 2 Vertec 4880's. System has been running great for a few years, but we started having some issues on the last gig and can't seem to find the end result problem. Here is the run down. A. Ran the rig prior to traveling to Vegas and no issues. B. Got to Vegas and setup. When we fired up the rig 1 side seemed to be really out of sorts. After tracking issues I found that 1 amp #5 in the 2nd drive rack was not allowing the presets to load and showed no input even though we tested to the input line and had signal. After much debate and head scratching we simply did a factory reset and reload the presets we needed and all seemed fine. C. We powered the rig down at the end of the week to reset for additional seating and room layout and when we refired the rig amp 5 was ok but the rest 1,2,3,4,6 all decided to play dumb. After a full day of resets and reloads all seemed to be working and we simply did not power down until the end of show. The overall issues were: Having signal to the input connection but nothing showing up on the input or output. Getting signal to show up on the input and on the output, but nothing actually coming out of the PA. (Yes, I swapped NL8's to the clusters and still nothing) Presets not loading (you can scroll to them and load, but then it pops back to the previous version even after saying it loaded.) Amps dropping off and poping back onto the network (using the most current version of System Architect and Firmware). Getting it all to work, powering down to test and when powered back up amps are off line and not working again... Overall it has been a butt kicker. Gigs all went off fine as we got the system up and working, but sweating bullets the entire time. Got back to the shop and fired the rig up this morning and: 1 drive rack fired up and ran fine. Updated firmware again and reloaded all presets again just to be sure and it all worked fine. 1 drive rack fired up and amp 4 was not working (showing input and output but nothing to PA). Did a complete firmware and preset reload and then lost both amp 4 and 5 (Subs have always worked at all times on amps 3 & 6). Finally got amp 5 back on line after a factory reset and reload. Gave up, ate lunch, came back and amp 4 was working fine and has not stopped (no I did not drink during lunch, but wished I had now...)f Anyone got any ideas or insights? Huskey