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  1. Thanks for getting the info.
  2. Thanks David, I understand you guys test both channels simultaneously and other people test only one. I know you guarantee your rated wattage but my question is what are the FTC numbers available for the XTI 4000? I want to know how much power the XTI 4000 is sending to my subs (30-150hz range) hence the reason I ask for the 20hz-20khz. I bought 3 of these amps and would like to know what its putting out. I don't mean any disrespect here but it seems you posted the ratings for the ITech because they are virtually the same as the EIA ratings. I find it hard to believe the engineers at crown have not tested the XTI 4000 wattage across the full frequency range. I don't think its too much to ask for as an owner of this amp to get the 20hz-20khz power rating. If you want me to keep quiet about it I will just PM me. My suspicion is the FTC rating must be a lot lower and that is the reason you guys don't want to publish it. difflvl Yes we would all like to know, When deciding to purchase multiples of these amps as I am for 8 mixes of active monitors, I'd appreciate the piece of mind (at the least), considering all other cheaper options I have had a look at display the FTC, quest, phonic etc (admit idly without inbuilt DSPs) ... dont tell me crown arnt up to the same testing as these brands? . Its like 'this is our top speed on the straight, but we wont tell you the horsepower nor torque'
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Just out of curiosity what is the watt output of the XTI 4000 with the FTC method? Thanks I am also very keen to know this
  4. XTI-4000 Low Shelf Filter

    Thanks for that, found it. However, Do I need to have the amp plugged into the computer to change the values in properties? At the moment I dont and the values are all grey and I cant access them Thanks
  5. A Pre-Amp from Crown?

    I fully agree with you. I'm still using my mint Crown IC-150 pre-amp with my new Crown XTI-2000 power in my stereo system. My pre-amp is now 35 years, and I have no plans of replacing it till it dies. It has never needed service in all that time, and the pilot light has never been replaced. If Crown introduced a new pre-amp, I'd be the first in line. It will be difficult for me to replace my IC-150 after all these years, but I'm sure a capacitor is probably getting close to drying up by now. It will be sad day. Come on Crown come back to Hi-Fi! Imagine the marketing potential ! What other HiFi company could claim that it is the power behind powering the thousands of musicians the kids love! It'd be like those honda advertisements that feature their formula one cars to flog their civics.....
  6. Hi there, I am fairly new to advanced processor eq settings .... My question relates to the Low shelf filter in the EQ DSP area for XTI-4000 Can the slope/q be adjusted on the LS filter? Iam using System Architect v1.5 and it doesnt seem to have the option. I ask this as I plan on using Crown XTI-4000's with the built in Processor to power bi-amped EV x-array XW12A monitors. I have a copy of the recomended processor settings for the Ev boxes that have been specifically tailored to DBX processors. The settings suggest a Lo shelf filter at 182Hz, with a 6dB Slope/Q and 3db Gain boost for the low section. Thanks Simon