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    HEY!!!!!! Hold the Horses. I have a CE4000 and a Micro tech 1200 that i am trying to use with both amps set to 26db as input sens. The MT 1200 sounds much louder and seems to outpreform the CE4000. is it better to use 1.4v as input sensivity than 26 db and back off 2db in the processor that feeds CE4000 to make them give the same output? regards mads Aure
  2. Hi, I can give you the exact reason for what you are hearing, but I can give you part of that reason. You are using the MT1200 on horns producing up to 295 watts of power at 1.4v per side. One of the reasons for this amp being louder is the frequencies that you are covering. You are probably running a cross-over somewhere in the 2.5 k range and up with this amp. The human ear hears these frequencies more easily than lower one frequencies and it would be normal for you to have to dial this amp back. I can also state that the MT series is simply louder than the CE series was. I don't know why this is, because if doesn't make sense. If it were me I would run all of the amps at 1.4v and do the cutting at the crossover. The board you have, Yamaha o1v/96 is setup to work and produce 1.4 volts as its nominal output. I sometimes use this same board with one of my setups. I am running an EAW KF850e/SB850 system with four of each cabinets. My amps are Itech 8000, subs, Itech 6000, lows, Itech 4000, mids, and XTi 4000 highs. The XTi 4000 in my setup has to be dial back in order to make everything sound balanced and it is simply due to the frequencies that it is reproducing as compared to the other amps. This would be the same if I change the XTi to mids and the Itech 4000 to horns. Then the XTi would be pushed harder and have to have more signal then the Itech 4000 on horns would. Hope this helps a little. bill Hello i rolled back 3db on the HF/MF output on the processor. i do not think that it has something to do with frequencies because EAW settings should take care of that. Talked to a crown dealer here in Norway, and he says that he has never heard that 26db on ce4000 should give a lower output than 26 db on a micro tech amp as long as the amp is ok.
  3. Hello. Need some help to set up my EAW PA here in Norway I have 2 EAW kf300z speakers and 2 EAW LA400 subs. Ashly Protea 4.24c Processor and Yamaha 01v96 mixer. My speakers have this spec. HF 200w 8 ohm, MF 750w 4 ohm, LF 800W 8 ohm. each. I use : -Crown micro tech 1200 on HF, stereo -Crown CE4000 on MF, stereo -Crown micro tech 2400 bridged mono, one amp on each sub. All amps set to 26db on input. I use the EAW processor settings for the speakers with the Ashly processor. However i have problem with spectral unbalance between HF and MF. The HF is much louder then the MF which is driven by the ce4000. Why? It sounds more balanced if i use 1.4v setting on the ce4000 and 26db on the Mt1200. Is there a diffrence between CE4000 and Mt 1200 when both are set to 26 db? is it better to use 1.4v on both amps? can anyone please give me some input?