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    what did I wrong that nobody answers me:?
  2. Connect through the system architect 1.6 About Ohms- I really dont know, is the problem same for us, or not, but I have heard from other people, that output clipping on 8 Ohms starts too early on XTI-4000 too ( some people tested in Spain ) , but those people are using them in pair of 8 Ohm subs bridged... I think, some crown staff need to answer here
  3. This is CLIP. If you need to specify, connect your amp to PC, and look, is this input or output. If this is output clip, then welcomed- you have the same problem , for me output clips on 8Ohm too soon...only I have xti amp...

    Anyone who has experience with XTI series amplifier output clipping , write your stories down here. I have XTI-2000 and it clips on 8Ohm load in single channel , output level -20dB to -10dB, sometimes clips on 50W, sometimes on 150W, no chances to achieve those 475W rated. When testing with sine-wave signals, everything is OK, no clipping... Firmware is latest 1.15.66 , amplifier produced in august 2007. First time wanted to use it for more than 100W , and very bad result.... Limiter turned off, dsp turned off.