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  1. XTI4000 cutting out

    Getting amps back from repair again today (4th time repair) this time I have been told it is the front panel circuits.. after this I have a complete new amp as everything but the shell has been replaced.
  2. XTI 1000 Volume levels!

    I'm in the same boat. Same issues. let me know if you get a resolution.
  3. XTI4000 cutting out

    I have also checked the ribbon cable and it is lodged firmly.
  4. XTI-4000 Board Problem

    That's nice David, but it's not the story my warrenty repair guy is getting.
  5. HELP! I have two crown XTI4000s and they have both had the recalled part replaced. However, they both still cut in and out, either allowing for no sound, or changing the sound volume. One of them just got the full main board replaced. (the other's new board is on order) the one with the new board is now still waffling on the sound - gets louder for no reason and then goes back to regular (both music and mics). We plugged in an old random amp in to same speakers/board/etc and it is fine. Any ideas?! I have upgraded the firmware on the amp to the latest, and have the keys in the front locked down so it's not getting bumped. Cindy
  6. XTI-4000 Board Problem

    I am currently in the process of trying to get the board on both my amps replaced and got the same response. Since then 1 has come in and another been ordered. (the first took about 1 month to come in.) So they are trickling into the US now.