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  1. Thanks for the responses... I read that the fans on the XTi 's are set to come on around 56° C which is roughly 133° F... Originally I was thinking it was 56° F which would mean the fans would be on all the time, but that doesn't seem the case. I'm thinking I'll pick up one of these amps locally and if things don't work out I can always return or exchange it, but it sounds like this amp will work for what I'm doing. 133° F is still fairly cool, but there's really only one way for me to find out. I've looked into the K Series, unfortunately those amps are no longer in production, but I have seen a few still in inventory at random Internet e'tailors. Thanks again for your input. I'll post my feedback after I bench test one at home... or if I decide to go another route. Edit: And I did find the discussion post Jon P. was referencing: XTi fan trip temperature about fan temperature. Good useful information.
  2. Greetings, So I'm one of those few home studio users that still use amplifiers to power their monitors... I've been looking into buying a new amp lately and don't wish to spend serious $$$ for something too outrageous and I don't want to buy a traditional home stereo amplifier or crazy audiophile amp though I may be leaning in that direction with today's choices in power amps. Anyways... I've been considering a Crown XTi 1000 to power my two studio monitors. My question is... is the fan noise from the amplifier loud? I prefer amplifiers without fans in them at all, but my choices these days seem limited, it's either Behringer or Alesis and neither of those two amps are very appealing, and I already have owned one of the Behringer's only to send it back because it was faulty. The D series of Crown amps just don't have the power I'm looking for either (need something a little more robust). So in a small studio... will I hear the fan noise when placed into a simple rack that resides in the same room? Under minimal operating conditions? I imagine if I'm cranking the music loud it won't matter, but sometimes I do some very minimal and ambient work. I understand the fan varies in speed depending on how much operational load is being pushed through it. Do I need to hide the amp far away from any microphone recording? Any insight would be greatly appreciated... Thanks! ~ Sam