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  1. Macrotech 5002vz

    I doubt moisture becouse it was sitting high on top of 8 cerwin vega earthquake subs and when i went up the ladder to get it was very hot up there and dry.It is on and working fine now but it was kinda weird. Do u think i should have it looked at anyways.I dont need it breaking down in the middle of a gig.
  2. Macrotech 5002vz

    Just fired up the Macrotech 5002vz for the first time in a year. Weird the amp turned on and you hear the the click sound but no sound from channel 1 odep red lights on,signal/ioc light's where on also when the click occured the channel 2 signal/ioc light went out and channel 1's signal light stayed on and no sound out of channel 1. Left the amp on for about 5 min walked away heard a pop sound from the speaker walked back over there and then cahnnel 1's green light was off and working like normal.Turned the amp on and off a few times and it is still working perfect can someone explain what is going on was it sitting without power for too long??
  3. xls602

    Yes ill go and get it thanks
  4. xls602

    Thanks for the reply,are there any special ways to hook up the input on these,i just hard wired input 2 and 3 and it worked ok.I always thought one pin on these types of inputs where hot
  5. xls602

    I just picked one of these amps up locally,i noticed that it is made in china. Then i noticed that there are all different styles for this amp.I have the amp where the front has a bubble on the intake grill.Does crown make this particular amp in america or are they all built in china just curious
  6. need an amp box

    Great i will be calling at the end of the week for it,been real busy working. Thanks for the support.
  7. need an amp box

    thanks for the reply will do
  8. Hello everyone,I would like to know if crown could send me another box for my macrotech 5002vz.M y wife trashed the box by accident and now i would like to store the equipment and dont ahve a proper box to store the amp in