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  1. Thanks for the response. I ended up taking it to the authorized Crown repair facility just over a week ago. They're relatively close, and I didn't think we'd need the power amp for a few weeks. I was wrong about that, but we managed. I'm sure they'll find the problem. I also asked them to check the output levels. When the amp broke, we used a Fender power mixer to run our monitors that puts out just over half the wattage of the XTi1000. That Fender amp had significantly higher output than the Crown. I don't get it!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I swapped cables around to see if the problem switched to different monitors or if it stayed with channel 1, and I went direct from the board to the power amp to the speakers to make sure I didn't have a problem between the board and the amp. The problem stayed with channel 1. I assume that's what you mean by signal interconnect continuity. As for turning off the DPS, it was set at the factory default, which appears to be "off". I do appreciate your response. I just wish I knew more about the darn amp so I could answer with some degree of intelligence. (edited after I did a little more reasearch.)
  3. We use my XTi to power our monitors. Everything has been working fine, but when we set up last night, nothing came out of channel 1. I don't believe there's a setting that would mute or bypass channel 1, so I'm at a total loss. Any suggestions as to what might have happened? Thanks -