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  1. I also posted this in another section, so no need to reply to both.... thanks Hello all, me and another fellow are have issues with dim pannel lights on XTI amps. All other functions apear to work fine, but the LCD is not "lit up" like the others. Is there something wrong, or did we turn it off by accedent? Please let us know ASAP
  2. power draw - help needed ASAP

    Thank you again for the information. It is presisly that "duty cycle" that I am trying to determine. There is a big differance between running 8 ohm with high dynamic music, and 2 ohms with rave music with the liveing crap compressed out of it. Also the 4000's running the woffer, and 1000's on the horns, complicate the issue. This is what I am trying to resolve. In our most resonable cases, we will run 1 2 or 3 of them (it would be rare we run 4). so that is a nominial 8,4 or 2.8 ohm. load. In this case I would be okay with most music. 6 amps in a rack with 2 4000's on one leg, and the last 4000 and 3 1000 of the other. Sounds good.
  3. power draw - help needed ASAP

    Thank you for your reply. I will look in to the resources you mentioned. I do however believe that the L14-30 conection is a single phase NOT 3 phase conection. I think the 3 phase locking equivilate is the L21-30 (with its center pole). I would run the conection as 120/240 volt (2 hots, N , G) on the L14-30 off a single phase disto, OR with a 3phase distro with any 2 of X, Y, or Z for 120/208. Am I to under stand that I need a seprate 15, or 20 amp breaker/service for EACH amp. IF so I would only be able to use 4 amps in a rack (2 4000's, 2 1000s)? It seems my plan of useing 6 amps, 3 XTI 4000(each on a 15 or 20) and 3 1000's(all on a single 15 or 20) will simply be too much current and we would risk blowing the 30 amp breaker feeding the rack. Looking for more comments. Kevin Nemrava
  4. hello all. I am working on my new "power distro" solution and need soem advise / specs. We are planning on use "racks" of xti amps for monitors, and maybe FOH Lets assume we will be useing XTI4000 to drive the low end of monitors, and XTI1000's to drive the highs. Lets also assume that in most cases they will be at 4 ohm loads, though on occastion at 2.8 or even 2. Let us also assume that they will be driven hard. - and abused. (sorry, just the nature of who we work with). I *think* I want to do all my power contections to amps racks with L14-30 twist lock. This would give me 60 amps total at the amp rack. 1) how many sets of XTI4000/1000's can I drive off this? (ie 2 of each? 3 of each? 4 of each? ) 2) should I give the XTI4000 20 amp breakers, or are the 15s fine. 3) any other comments about this genral set up? 4) what if I only used xti 4000's .. no 1000's (I know this is WAY over kill for the horns, but the standerdisation is nice). same questions as above. Kev.
  5. noise level of XTI4000

    If I recall correctly, there was a post where someone was able to reduce the output noise/hiss by adjusting the gain in the DSP via SA. For comps, you need less gain so the DSP is a good place to drop this gain, hopefully dropping the noise/hiss level as well. Can anybody confirm this? You see that is the interesting part, The noise will go away if I "MUTE" the amp in SA, but is otherwise unaffect by ANY parameters. I should have a chance to play with them this weekend. I will take my laptop to a show and see what happens.
  6. noise level of XTI4000

    Which part of caused by the DSP do you not get? If you are going to stick compression drivers straight on to a high power amp you are going to get some noise its inevitable. If the XTi is too noisy then choose another amp, I see no way of reducing the noise without a total redesign of the DSP section. I do not work for Crown I just use the XTi series and by and large am very happy with the performance. Yes the XTi on my comps could be a little quieter but it causes no problems in practice and I use BMS drivers which are 5db more sensitive than average. Tony Thanks for the replys guys. We certainly don't NEED that much power for the horns. But I wish to have "omni" racks, where I can config them to do what ever I want that day - delay stakes, sub, monitors, ect. To do this will will use the many of the same amps. I am useing a low end driver right now, however, I too have seom of the BMS drivers, (4590's) on a large 500 hz +/- horn. I am almost scared to see what happens if I plug them in , I am liable to get kicked out of the vuenue with the amoutn of noise they will make then.... I will call crown next week and see what they say. I am confused though, cause I knwo alot of people at useing these for monitors, but I think we will end up with a lot of complains from this. PS - it may be caused by DSP - but I think ti is poor design, pleny of others that don't have "dsp noise" Kev.
  7. Hello all, we have been using a set of XTi4000's for about 4 shows now, about 1-2 month. Ever since we got them we have noticed some serious noise issue with them. The noise coming out of them is broad band, and only (at last I can tell) from th horn (we are running each unit as a biamp). The sound is liek runnign water (white noise). like I said I only hear it i in the horn - though it may be present in the woffer too. The sound doesn't change level with the front pannel contorls, .OR the faders in SA. The noise WILL mute if the mutes are turned on in SA. 1 unit (the only one hooked up at the time), was also picking up some sort of sine wave based singal the other day well - it was manifesting as about a 800 HZ (maybe 1k) sine wave. I am currently thinking however, this is unrealate. Need some advise , this is unacceptable to our clients. PS running latest firm ware. Kevin Nemrava HyperCube production
  8. Help with XTI4000 limiters

    OKay, I will have to reread that , but I guess my qestion is this. 3 DB is double power right? nad -3 is 1/2 power. IF I set the limiters on the XTI at -3 Will that force the amp to put out no more then 1/2 its rated out put? What I want to do is to add a small amount of limiting to the amp, (top 2 db or so) , to stop the amp from cliping. I was hoping to have a "progressive" limiter" that would engage at about 1-2 db below clip, and work from about there. OR maybe that isn't what I want. I guess in the big picture, my question is this- ... where should I set the limiter toggle???- off -3 -6 or -12? And yes, I am willing to provide you with info you need, but what do you need to know? thanks for your time.
  9. Help with XTI4000 limiters

    come on guys .. nothing?
  10. Hello all, I have designed my own monitor. The monitor is a 15inch kappalite LF;SUB_CAT_ID=3 And the compression driver is the nsd 2005 On a small(1000hz +/-) 60/40 horn I am happy with the crown XTI4000 as the amp to drive it (bi amped) however I have 2 questions 1) I want to set the limiters, how do I set them. 2) there seems to be some hissing coming from the HF horn, even with the front attenuation knob turned down? any idea what this it - it is a broadband noise. In system architect it will go away when I MUTE the channel, but NOT when I pull the fader down. 3) to match the volume of the horn with woffer I need about 8-10 DB difference - I have been doing this by increasing the gain of the LF band pass in the crossover section(leaveing HF at 0). Should I be doing this some where else or some other way? (ie leave LF at 0, and turn horn down to -10)? My monitors my be used as a single unit or up to 4 of them linked (parallel) for 2 ohm /side - I understand I am only getting more power out of the amp up to about 3 units, .. the forth would be rare, and for coverage. Thank you for your time. Kevin.