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  1. i was thinking of purchasing a pair of the jbl MRX528S subs has anyone ever used these before? how do they sound. If i bought 2 crown xls802d amps and ran them in bridge mono mode (4 ohm 2100 watts would this be to much, or not enough power? or can i run it w/o bridging and only use one amp

    are there any other options other than the headphone jack on the laptop, such as the usb or maybe an express card?
  3. Eliminating AC Hum

    I too am using a XLS 602D, I also had some AC interference issues. I purchased a power conditioner and it cleared the probem up. I used a Furman conditioner because it seems to be the name everyone trusts. I got it off ebay fairly cheap.

    THIS IS MY SET UP, Crown XLS 602D, JBL JRX125 speakers, Mackie 1402 VLZ pro, a nady GEQ 215 EQ, and a gateway laptop. I use the headphone jack on the laptop as an out for the music using a 3.5 to rca's that go into the mixer. This works and sounds great until I plug the power supply for the laptop in. When the laptop is plugged in to ac power, I hear a like high pitched white noise, and like a static. It sounds terrible, but can drown it out with the loudness of the music. when I unplug the laptop from the AC the sound goes away completly. Is there anything I can do to prevent this interference and still keep the AC pack plugged in? :angry:
  5. yo, I am new to this type of stuff, so if this is a dumb question, forgive me. I have a 602D amp, and I am planning on purchasing a pair of JBL JRX125 dual cab speakers.the jbl site said that the recomended amp power should be 500-1000 watts at 4ohms for one I wanted to know if the 602d has enough juice to power both the cabinets, if so how do I connect them to the amp? there is a choice between 1/4 and speakon. thanks, brog