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  1. Hi! Great site. We have a customer with two Micro-Tech 1200 amps that both send what sounds like a mini blast of DC to the outputs about 2 seconds after being powered up. We have heard of a small capacitor maybe on the input board going bad which causes this pop and crack. Anyone know of this issue? If so, please let us know which parts to check and/or replace. We're using these amps on pricey HF drivers and this crack sounds damaging. Crown techs - we'd like to replace with exact parts, if you have a crown part number and some info it would be helpful. We have all of the service notes and schematics here at our shop to do the repair in house. Thanks a bunch. Robert
  2. We are wondering if anyone has experimented with the gain within the DSP of the XTi amp to reduce noise. Our customer's rig is noisey and it is coming from the DSP of the amp. When muted within System Arch. the noise disappears. The noise level also changes when the input gain and band pass gain in the crossover section are lowered. We have found that lowering the input within System Arch. and raising the bandpass gain in the crossover section has lowered the noise quite a bit. Question is - is it possible to distort the signal within the DSP by doing this. Also - it seems like this noise has increased by changing the display boad. The old board was REV C - the new board in REV G. The amp is now making clicking and popping noises when powered up and powered down. We also heard some digital artifacts in the HF drivers when sitting idle. Please help with any advice to reduce this noise. Please let us know if there is a new display board/ribbon fix for these XTi amps. Is there a hard reset or something we need to do to make REV G compatible? We have updated the amps firmware to the latest version using System Arch. 1.8. Thanks!