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  1. can anyone shed some light on the exact difference between say an XTi400 and the newer XTi 4002? Thanks, Dan
  2. Can anyone who is using a USBAnywhere device with Crown amps please help. I successfully installed the Microsoft net thing, and then I installed the Band Manager software. When I connect one of my XTI amps with a usb cable directly to the computer, Band Manager finds the amp and it works perfectly. I also installed the software/drivers for the Digi USBAnywhere device and it too appears to be working properly but I am not able to make Band Manager look at the ethernet connection for the USB signals. Can someone who has one of these Digi units please send me a PM so we can trade phone numbers. I know nothing about IP addresses and ethernet setup. This has to be something super easy. Or you could email me at.... dan at dankury dot com. Thanks in advance, Dan
  3. I found a USB Anywhere with cables and power supply for under a 100 bucks on Ebay. Cool! Thanks for your help guys. Dan
  4. thank you Rob! so, I would connect all three (or up to five) XTI USB ports to this device, then a CAT5 cable would run out of this device to the laptop at FOH correct? I guess I could always use a USB hub for more than five? Dan
  5. Hi folks, I have three XTI power amps. I have worn myself out trying to find any information anywhere on the net and Crown's website about how I can connect all three (via the USB port) to some kind of device so that the USB signal from all three amps can be fed to a Windows laptop running Band Manager. I have no use for the laptop sitting on the amp rack, I want to use the laptop and the Band manager software to monitor the amplifiers at the "front of house". Can this be done? Is there some type of device that allows the USB signal to run in a channel of the audio snake cable? I know, I know, wishful thinking. Since I doubt that, what kind of cables, adaptors whatever do I need to pull this off? Thanks guys! Dan