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  1. Little or no bass

    MP3 files are compressed to make the file smaller. So, the lowest notes and highest notes are taken out to save space. There is no way to get those notes back. I use my laptop to play MP3's and run an external sound card and then a crossover/sonic maximizer into my amp. Also the IPOD doesn't provide a strong enough signal by itself. Just my 2cents.
  2. XLS802D shut off

    I forgot to say the XS900 will run the subs in 2 channel stereo at 8 ohms. The XLS802d will be in 2 channel stereo at 4ohms.
  3. XLS802D shut off

    I just picked an XS900 to run the subs. The XLS802D will run the mains. I think this should be ok? Also, what adverse effects does the crossover/compressor have on the amplifiers? Thanx for the great info so far.
  4. XLS802D shut off

    Here's what I have in my rig : Dell Laptop to play MP3's Stanton RM404 Mixer BBE- Max X3 Crossover/Sonic Maximizer Crown XLS802D 2- Jbl SF25 4ohm - on channel 1 2- MSC 18" subs 8ohm - on channel 2 Here's my problem last weekend I played a gig and everything was fine for about 45 min. Then my amp shut down. Just before that it had started clipping so I lowered the gain on the amp and mixer. After a few minutes the amp turned back on, so started the music back up. I also grabbed a fan and placed it front to blow air towards the amp and out the back door of the road case. This worked for about 15-20 min, then it shut down again. So I cut my set short and the band fired back up. All of the gear was connected to a 6 outlet power strip plugged into 1-120v wall outlet. In the same 120v outlet on another connection were my 4 led lights and controller. Not sure if my amp malfunctioned or if I just need to use 2 amps. I was informed yesterday that the XLS802D can not drive a 2 ohm load. I don't know if this is true or not. Please Help!