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  1. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    I'll consider my wrists to be slapped. I was naive, maybe the shop should've packaged it for me, as they had the original box. The fact remains however that despite the fact that I told the engineer guy on the phone that there was a problem, he was absolutely adamant there wasn't. I just don't get it, did he really think I would send my almost new amp in for repair, if there was nothing wrong with it? What your service guys should be doing is RINGING THE END USER because all you need is some chimp to write the wrong wording in the "describe the fault" box. I said to the shop where I bought it - "intermittent loss of HF on channel 2", what I didn't say was "there's no problem, just sending it in for a laugh". From my discussions with the engineer he plugged it in, checked for full range signal output, which he got. Then did a few other tests and then that was that. I very much doubt my amp was on the bench for half-an-hour if that. Had the engineer rang me, I could've told him that I run 2 speakers per channel with built in filters and after about an hour or so, the HF keeps cutting out until I reset the amp, then it will do it again after an unknown length of time. But he just said to me on the phone, "it's your cables" and then "it's your speakers" - great. Sounds like one of those spotty kids you see in PC World who try to fob you off with non-tech excuses.
  2. XTi 2000 no output from Ch2

    I have just looked inside my 4000 and that has a similiar problem too...
  3. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Just an update for you all on this. I got the amp home, looked inside the flightcase and the amp has been neglected severely. The rack ears are bent and twisted and there are now scratches on the front panel. Definately not in the same condition it was sent away in. As I had no idea what work had been done, I rang Harman Pro, the Crown Warranty people in the UK and was put through to the engineer who looked at my amp. He reported that there was no fault found, despite the fact that there is a fault. A "no there isn't", "yes there is" type conversation carried on and he ultimately blamed it on my cables and speakers and that there was no fault with the amp and that I should look to getting my cabs repaired. I would've done that if it wasn't for the fact that they work perfectly with a Numark Dimension 4 amplifier. So, now I have a bent and twisted amp, in a broken flightcase, less than 3 months after I bought it from new. To be honest, after reading about the number of people on here who have had similiar issues with their XTI's, there's no way on God's Earth I would entertain keeping it. Especially knowing that it had been abused and thrown around in the back of a courier's vehicle. I have taken it up with my local dealer who are LESS THAN HELPFUL it has to be said, there's a severe lack of customer service going on here and I have told them that after taking advice from Trading Standards, the amp is certainly not fit for purpose and not of satisfactory quality. I have now rejected the XTI 4000 and will be purchasing a QSC PLX2 3602 as a replacement, albeit at a higher cost. As good a reputation that Crown has in the market, the XTI range has really let them down I think, and even with the small number of people on this forum who have voiced their concerns, how many other users worldwide are sitting on a ticking timebomb? Not only are we lining Crown's pockets and spending our hard earned cash on these items, if they fail during a gig, who is the person who will get the complaint? Not Crown, that is for sure, and I for one am happy to wash my hands of this clearly unreliable product. Good luck with your XTI everyone. You'll probably need it. And Crown? Maybe you need to look at your service centre in the UK and tell them to not appoint engineers who do not listen to the client, are argumentative and rude.
  4. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Rang my local disco shoppe yesterday to enquire on the status of my XTI to be told it had come back...(great, why didn't you ring me?). Picked it up this morning and the ABS case I sent it in is smashed up in each corner, the casing has actually cracked and the racking is bent a bit. Amp seems to be alive and well, need to open it up and check. Took some photo's of the the mainboard inside and other identifyable components with serial numbers on before it was sent away so will be able to check to see if anything has actually been done or replaced. Incidentally...the cover of the amp wasn't screwed on tight and is rattling around inside the flightcase. Great...where the fupp did they send it???

    Just from reading this forum (unfortunately AFTER buying an XTI) I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in my XTI. It's been 2 weeks now since I sent it away to be repaired and no sign of it coming back soon....MOST annoying. Maybe the whole XTI range is just goosed and best avoided.
  6. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Latest news....2 weeks on, still no amp. AM VERY HACKED OFF
  7. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Yup <sigh> it's a TAD annoying, ok VERY annoying. Now sell me that DPC or i'll take my scissors to your hair Mr. Hulton
  8. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Latest news as of yesterday is that the amp has now gone back to Crown, it is past the point where they can send me a new one and so will proceed to repair the one I have - which is fine, i'd rather have mine fixed than get a new one an run the risk of having this problem again. What the dealer had to do was send it back to THEIR supplier, who sent it back wherever. It's taken a week so far to get this far.
  9. XTi 2000 no output from Ch2

    Is this no output full stop, or specifically no HF or LF output? Sounds like my issue, but on CH1 with an XTI-4000
  10. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Hya Bro, Yes 1.3 would be good thanks, email it over or PM me on the other forum... That fish pond pump did make me laugh!!!
  11. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Still undecided about BPM, need to work out logistics, etc. I will re-do the firmware upgrade tonight hopefully from within SA and see what happens. You mentioned on the other forum about setting the low-cut, what will that do??
  12. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    After a reboot, the effect CAN be re-created turning the control beyond 3pm, although wether it happens immediately is anyone's guess. It may take 10 minutes, or more, or less. I will try a firmware update, this was done OUTSIDE of SA.
  13. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Would still love to know though if there was anything that could be done...
  14. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Actually Lee it turned out to be ch1, not ch2. See what happens tonight, but yes, a reset fixes it.
  15. Seen this problem on here before with my mate Gilbz, but need some more advice. Had this amp now for about 2-3 months. I run 2 x Eminence Kappa 15 LF-based subs with a built in crossover. These then feed 2 x Eminence 8" CX Beta-based tops with high-pass filters built in. If I crank the amp right up to it's max (as i've always been told to do), after a short while, the HF output on ch2 attenuates right down to almost nothing, the LF output remains constant. To reset the issue, I simply reset the amp. DSP is turned OFF by the way. If I set the volume of both channels to anything "more" than say 3 o'clock, I get the problem, anything less than that it works fine all night. I have checked the ribbon cable assy inside and have done the fix with regards to cable-tie'ing it down to prevent it popping out. Firmware is up to date and current, and as I say the DSP is set to off. I have also checked the input signal cables, and have changed them several times, but get the same problem. What's the best advice here?