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  1. Hi I just opened my new xti4000 turned it on and it seemed to "boot" up fine and said Crown. So I start the HiQnet System Architect vs. and plug the amp into the USB port on my computer. the software says to update the firmware on the amp so i follow the wizard and click update. the progress bar shows that everything was updated and the amp would need to reboot so i clicked reboot and nothing happened. after about 30 min. i just turned the power switch on the amp off and un plugged the USB cord and now when i turn the amp back on the LED indicators both go all the way to the top and the screen has nothing on it. also the power LED is off and no signal is coming out of the amp. I have tried turning the amp off and un plugging everything let it sit and then plug it all back in and it does nothing. i have tried holding down the 3 buttons on the front to see if it would give me a firmware version and nothing happens. the system architec software no longer sees the amp. im not sure what to do about this, any ideas?