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  1. Problem with xti6002 channel attenuator

    I dropped amp off at local CROWN supplier and was informed the software was "stuck" in "Y" mode...After a few button pushes, the software was reloaded and amp is back in DSP OFF, stereo mode.. WIsh I could get those sequence of buttons they pushed..................
  2. Problem with xti6002 channel attenuator

    I'm beginning to think CHANNEL 1 is kaput! I've bound new xlr input cables, got new speakon speaker cables(wired 2+, 2-) for KF300e as FULL RANGE... I still get 2 green lights on both channels but no output when I turn attenuator up. I'm connecting to a Mackie 1202(left, right) outputs into ch 1, ch2 inputs, then connecting ch1, ch2 outputs inti EAW KF300e FULL RANGE on speakon connectors The LCD screen reads DSP OFF, with CH1, CH2 and preset lit..... What else can I try before bringing 4 month old amp to repair shop and spending $$$ for diagnostics?? Thanks in advance..... John I also connected amp to laptop running SYSTEM ARCHITECT and updated firmware , then did a system/factory default restore
  3. Problem with xti6002 channel attenuator

    After several power-ups, the amp wlill come up DSP OFF with PRESET lit, then 3 sec. after jump back to CUSTOM???? What is going on..
  4. Problem with xti6002 channel attenuator

    When I physically unplugged input and speaker cables...powered off amp and back on...DSO FF came back and preset was lit.. 1 cable has 1=,1- and other has 2=,2- ...They were wired by sound company here in MA to support KF300e speakers in full range.. That's what I was told... I have not tried "normal" cable hookup to other speakers I have (EV Eliminators I's, JBL MR125's John I also connected amp to PC w/HiQnet and ran firmware update... AMP rebooted and DSP OFF back on with custom lit(no cables attached) except power cord and ethernet
  5. I have an xti 6002 connect to mackie 1204 l/r out to input 1/2. iI have an ipod in channels 5/6, pan up and amp is running preset DSP OFF(Custom light is on , not preset) When I turn channel one attenuator up , no sound... When I turn up Channel two I get sound from both speakers(EAW KF300e) i've powered off amp several times and DSP OFF comes back on(with CUSTOM lit up on left bottom corner... If I connect to amp with HIQnet can I do a factory default settings reload?? I read manual about chennel 1 ouput having setting with speakon to two speakers with 4 pin speakon connector... I'm at wits end ....What am I overlooking Thanks in advance, John
  6. xti4000

    Thanks Kevin... I'll try looking at the settings..... I forgot to mention both XTi 4000's had the thermal reds blinking most of the gig John
  7. xti4000

    Running my system last weekend, one of my XTi 4000's kept sending message to display "too hot' or "short 1"...All the others were fine and cabling was as always... Any thoughts....More shows are coming up and if the amp is damaged , I'd like to have it fixed ASAP... What do the errors mean?? I didi place a fan in front of amp rack(5 amps in rack) and that was the only amp "error" Thanks in advance John
  8. "Piggy-backing" Banana PLUGS

    Info on bass cabinets:: 1983 EAW B-215's Both cabinets are wired with 1/4" jacks Two wires from jack tip to each speaker A+, B+ Two wires from jack sleeve to speaker A-, B- 1 cabinet has 2 matched 15" woofers, no labels, no specs 1 cabinet has a third 15" woofer matching above 2 and a JBL2206A, 8ohm, labeled Previous owner had the built new in 83' says he ran them with a BGW 750-C 350 watt/side stereo amp and used EV H9004 white horns for tops w/amp? Also says the crossover was set for bottoms around 500Hz I got no info from www.JBLPRO on them ever making a 2206A, 8 ohm speaker,, just H or J(signifies 4 or * ohms)..Tech support had no info I got no info from in speakers/LEGACY about bass bins, just describes them , really no specifications John
  9. "Piggy-backing" Banana PLUGS

    So....Piggy backing banana plugs is 2ohnm load(2 4ohm cabinets) Thnaks... Should I run then run the cabinets as STEREO , or can the xti-4000 run them in PARALLEL...What is best for me? Buy another xti-4000?? Thanks in advance, John
  10. If I use an xti-4000 in bridged-mono mode and connect a 4ohm bass bin (2 15" 8ohm speakers wired in parallel) amd connect the speaker cable to 1+2- , I'm okay...If I then connect a second cabinet to the same connection (banana plug on banana plug), does that make the load 2ohm?? Can this type of connection even be made??....I mean mathematically , not physically I don't want to sound stupid, but I am when it comes to amps/speakers connections, more than ono-on-one thx, John
  11. wiring subs

    I have a similar issue with subs...I'm not sure how to wire them either....I'll tell you WHAT I know and hopefully someone can help... I have two (1983 vintage)EAW B215 cabinets. After opening the backsides, I tightened up all mounting hardware, checked the wiring, and assumed wiring to be parallel (+ on 1/4" jack to speakerA + and speakerB +(2 wires) and same for (- on jack). One cabinet houses original EAW woofers(15", 8ohms) and the second cabinet houses 1 EAWwoofer and replacement JBL(2206A, 8 ohms). I'll assume the JBL specs were real close to the original speakers, but there are NO labels on the originals. The JBL has the sticker info on it. Of course, JBL doesn't list a 2206A ANYWHERE on their website, and anyone I've called says the letter should H or J, indicating OHMS. With that, I'd like to use them with a XTi-4000. I could run them throught DR260 using custom speaker setting and correct amp setting. Without specs , should I connect them in STEREO or PARALLEL at 4ohms OR can I run the amp in BRIDGED and piggy-back two cabinets with banana plugs. I think I understand the 3200W@4ohms load on post 1+/2- but what happens if I double up using banana plugs. Would it be 3200W@4ohms- 1cabinet, 3200W@4ohms-2 cabinets, or would it cut in half 1600W@4ohms- cabinets?? Can I even do this without damaging any of the equipment. I've read wiring info over and over and can not understand what it outcome is if I piggy-back banana plugs off the bridged output. Any insites, info would be greatly appreciated.. John