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  1. Crown XS700 sch

    The Amplifier I have repaired. Faulty turned out to be the capacitor ?531 150pF in power source of the microcontroller. So on microcontroller entered the understated voltage of the feeding (beside 2 Volts). At measurement of the capacitor multimeter has shown normal capacity
  2. Crown XS700 sch

    I have received service info on e-mail. Thank's and respect!!!
  3. Crown XS700 sch

    Thanks, but I nothing have received on e-mail...
  4. Hello! My name is Alexander, I'm from Kazakhstan. I badly speak English, therefore I use by the program-translater. I have the amplifier Crown XS700 (S/N - GXS700CE8500020799). The amplifier is not included in a working mode, indicator AC Mains is light. I very much need in the electrical circuit of the amplifier and service manual.