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  1. Trade in - amps

    I actually have two sets of speakers. I'll try to explain my best. Kit #1: 4 Bose 802MKII powered by 1 MA2400 in 4 ohms and 2 Bose Subs 502BP powered with 1 MA2400 in parallele mono mode in 4 ohms. (smaller venue) Kit #2: 6 Bose 802MKII powered by 1 MA2400 in 3 ohms (Stereo) and 4 Bose Subs 302 powered with 1 MA2400 in stereo mode 2 ohms. (bigger venue) I use the same amps to power both speaker kits depending on the venue. I just change the configuration on the SUB woofer amp. (steroe or parallele mono) Down the road I'm looking to sell all of these speakers and get JBL - SRX series or even something in the higher end of the line. Keep me posted, Joel
  2. Hi everybody, I have a question. I've been a proud owner of two Marco-tech 2400 for the last 12 years and I want to change them for something lighter. I play mostly all year long at every weekend and they are starting to be heavy to carry around specially mounted in the same rack mount. That is over 100 Lbs. I see the xti-4002 are a little stronger on the watts BUT lower on the damping factor. My question is: am I gonna regret this? I've read a lot on the xti's and people are very happy about them. Can someone give me a good reason to keep my MA2400's. thanks, Joel