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  1. That's what I figured thanks for passing the info on my e-mail got bounced back from the Harmon/Crown link on their site. BTW Vista 64 runs much better on my PC than 32 bit did. I even have a couple 32 apps/games that crash in 32 bit but run fine in 64 bit. Just thought I'd pass that on for people thinking of ugrading. Most 32 bit software runs flawlessly in the 64 bit environment.
  2. I just upgraded to Vista Ultimate 64 bit and the latest System Architect wont run "appcrash". (Can't install .net framework 2.0 because it already 64 bit version and wont allow 32 bit) I sent an e-mail through the HiQnet/Crown link and postmaster bounced it back "permanent failure" so that's why I'm posting here. Thanks N Brown Just downloaded Version 1.80 and same thing, at least I have access to boxes with xp and Vista 32 on them. Harmon can ignore 64 bit for now but not for long, 64 bit will be mainstream by windows 7. Here is crash info: Description: Stopped working Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: SystemArchitect.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4893735c Fault Module Name: KERNEL32.dll Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18000 Fault Module Timestamp: 4791ada5 Exception Code: e0434f4d Exception Offset: 000000000002649d OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 1033
  3. The down side to your arrangement is that there is no crossover to direct frequency ranges to the 125s and 118 independently. It does not matter that you are using speakon/neutrik connectors and cables. One side of the amp should be used to push ONLY the subwoofer (low frequencies) and the other side could be used for the tops in stereo. You will not experience "stereo" sound, rather the amp is being used in stereo mode to power each channel independently. You still need an external crossover or high/low pass filter of some sort. The XTI series has this capability built-in, I believe. Alternately, you should purchase another XTI 1000 and use the bridge-mono mode to run your single subwoofer and run the 125s, one per side, off of the XTI 2000. Perhaps your best option would be the XTI 4000, run the tops on one side and the sub on the other. This will consolidate your power rig, but also leaves you with the least amount of versatility, should you need to change your speaker setup down the road. Make good use of the XTi's ability to be manipulated via System Architect. There are loads of presets available on the main web site for JBL gear. Thank you I think the XTI 1000 is my best bet. If I use the amp highs one side lows other I'll need two amps anyway for stereo. I'm running 2 channel sound from a Soundblaster XFI ELite Pro and play music and music videos and karaoke, No live instruments. PS anyone who owns a SOundblaster XFI series card get the new beta drivers they remapped the volume and it rocks now. My system architect doesn't cut out anymore (I think I was overdrining inout signal with old driver) And I get much more volume with same power output levels on my XTI 2000.
  4. The JRX 125's are 4 Ohm (sub is also) and I have no intention of running sub on one side and 125's on the other. I am using 4 pole neutronic speaker wire which all speakers will support. I was hoping to stay in stereo mode. The 125's have 2 15" subs and high power titanium horn. If that is not doable I would think an XTI 1000 would be more appropriate to add for the sub. I am DJing prerecorded music/videos, not Live instruments. Thanks for the input hope I clarified my intentions better.
  5. I curremtly Hvae 2 JRX 125's looking to replace Home sub with PA Sub (JBL JRX118S Passive PA Subwoofer). The Amp of course is outputting 1600 Watts total @4Ohms Stereo. The JRX 125's are rated 500 Watts RMS each (1000Watts total) and the JRX 118S is rated 350 RMS. Will I be okay without adding another amp? (Enough headroom for prerecorded material?)
  6. I'd love to go to the class in Las Vegas tomorrow but it's not possible. Will it be taped?
  7. Thanks for the advice. It does add to the mix going down to 22Hz but certainly can't touch the 4 15" subs in the 125's for everything under 150Hz.
  8. I have a .PDF file for the sub, I'll mail as soon as find your address. I just double checked the device file settings with System Architect 1.70 and default JRX125 Passive setting has the input set for Y in. I just change that to stereo and save that as JRX 125 stereo. I'm Running stereo XLR's from a Behringer 16 channel Mixing board which has Soundblaster X-FI Elite Pro 1/8" stereo to Stereo RCA outs that go into the Behringer (Quality Y to board not Creative cord.)
  9. Ok I'll take that as a "If it's not broke don't fix it." I was also wondering why the default setting for the JRX125 device tunings is Y ??? I Load the device settings and then have to change to stereo mode. P.S. Those device settings made a big difference for the prerecorded audio I play. Seems to filter noise and lets the speakers concentrate on usable frequencies.
  10. XTi2000 Signal Problem

    That's what mine did before the right channel started making noise like it was dirty then I lost it. Got the amp replaced last year, not a problem since then. As far as replacing it all I can say is it was the best customer service I've ever had dealing with returns. (Thank you Mr Dave Glass)
  11. XTI 2000 - ok to idle longterm?

    Man I hope so I've shut my off like 2 or 3 times in the last year LOL. I don't think you have to worry ;-) In general the most dangerous time for components is turning them on I thought.
  12. I was wondering if My sub would sound better using its built in 400 Watt RMS amp or using the XTI 2000? I currently have two JBL JRX125's hood up with speakon connectors and the JBL SP120II sub running from control room outs on my Behringer Mixer. I Was considering trying the SUB out from the binding posts on the amp using the XTI's power to drive it instead. Is that even possible? or would I have to run the JBL's off the sub that way. (making my $120 speakon cables obsolete.) Thanx for any input. N Brown
  13. Interesting I use an XTI2000 with two JBL 125's and a JBL SP120II (12" sub) 2000 watts total, and have neighbors 1 acre away complain about bass.
  14. XTI 4000 is 1200 Watts Per Channel (2400 Watts) isn't it? My Xti 2000 is 800 Watts per channel at 4ohms.