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  1. xti 4000 signal problem!

    And my advice would be to ring them, they ignore Emails. Tony
  2. I have the same problem where do I send my amp to be fixed. I live in Merseyside England Cheers Dave I have exactly the same problem on one of my XTI 4000's as well. Do I go through the dealer or direct? I am also in the UK. Tony
  3. noise level of XTI4000

    Bill If you look at the schematic for the XTI you will see that it still goes thru the ADC-DAC loop even when it shows DSP off. I assume its during these stages that the small amount of noise is added. Tony
  4. noise level of XTI4000

    Which part of caused by the DSP do you not get? If you are going to stick compression drivers straight on to a high power amp you are going to get some noise its inevitable. If the XTi is too noisy then choose another amp, I see no way of reducing the noise without a total redesign of the DSP section. I do not work for Crown I just use the XTi series and by and large am very happy with the performance. Yes the XTi on my comps could be a little quieter but it causes no problems in practice and I use BMS drivers which are 5db more sensitive than average. Tony
  5. noise level of XTI4000

    Do you need this much power to your horns? Most people use a smaller amp for the tops. I use a XTi1000 for my comps. As we have discussed before the XTi range does have a small amount of hiss attributable to the DSP unit in the amp. This normally is not an issue with full range cabs with built in crossover because the horn signal is attenuated to suit its much higher sensitivity usually by 6 - 10db, this obviously lowers the noise by the same level. A simple way to lower the noise is to put some suitable attenuators in the horn circuit but it seems a bit foolish to have to use more power to make it quieter!! Tony
  6. XTi 1000 Constant Hiss

    David, Thats pretty much what I thought it was. I would like to point out to be fair to Crown that in no way is the hiss any sort of a problem to me. I can also confirm that when I connect an XTI4000 up to my ATC studio monitor speakers no noise at all can be heard even as close as 1m. Tony
  7. XTi 1000 Constant Hiss

    David, I have 4 XTI's 3 off 4000 and 1 off 1000. They all hiss on the output. When I purchased them the guy who sold them to me explained that they had a small amount of background noise and also said that that is the reason that he does not use them for quiet venues i.e. conferences etc. I should point out that for live use as soon a a few people turn up in the audience that the hiss is no longer audible due to the increase in the background noise. Tony p.s I connect my comps directly to the amp. If you use full-range speakers where the comps are attenuated this probably would mask the issue.
  8. XTi 1000 Constant Hiss

    The one issue I have with my XTI's is that they are very hissy. This is probably due to the DSP. For live use this is not an issue but it would be annoying using efficient speakers in a home setting. Tony