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  1. Just wondering if the I-T4000 CN version will be shipping soon? Or does any one know the release date? Tres
  2. Ummmmm, Can you please tell me if you got your plan to work. I would love to be able to talk to an IQ network on a OSX box. PLEASE!!!! thanks,
  3. Mike, I too have had a terrible time with the crown bss usm810 prosys whatever. I constantly had to reboot my crestron controller and sometimes reload the program just so that I could get the thing to work. Well one day I decided to watch my strings as they came back from the USM 810 on my com port to see why things were jamming or not responding. Well, figured it out. After countless hours of reading and tracing the Crestorn module you can download, I found that a buffer symbol preceded by a toggle was not triggering the closing of the recieving serial signals. This would cause the crestron module to panic as the strings would concantenate and result in a jammed com port. The *beep*dest thing solved. I commented out the recieve string logic, and never more has the crown crashed my crestron controller. Well now I have no feed back. So I bought a BSS 9088 and have never looked back. The module runs so smooth. Just thought I would let you know. tres