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  1. System Pictures

    I would agree with that.The Samson power distro has a maximum current rating of 10A by the looks of it.Plugging both amps into it will be very close to this I would think..
  2. XTi 4000 displays 'LIMITING'

    I think you are right on with the generator being the issue. Basically this is something you wouldn't even see. The screen is telling you the supply is sagging dangerously low and the amplifier output is being limited for protection. Ah! Thanks DGlass,I thought that might be the answer but had never seen it before! I have another XTi4000 that sometimes has no output on CH1 but a reboot almost always fixes it so i'm not too sure if this is the usual pot or ribbon cable problem. Any suggestions gratefully recieved!
  3. Hi all, I had a gig at the weekend and both XTi 4000's that were being used on monitors displayed 'LIMITING' on the front panel. I have owned 8 XTi's for some time and this is a new problem for me!(i have had many others but mostly bad pots/ribbon cable). I can't find any explanation of front panel messages in the manual so any ideas please?? I am guessing that it's something to do with power as we were using a generator...
  4. Xti latency in DSP off mode

    OK thanks. Now i know to add 1.11mS to all my other DSP outputs so my horns aren't a foot behind !!
  5. Hi all, This may be a silly question but I read in other posts that the latency of Xti's is 1.11mS but does this also apply in 'DSP off' mode or does it then function as a 'normal' amp?
  6. Hi, Thanks David,unfortunately I have now 'successfully' updated the firmware 4 times but am still having the same problem within S.A. The amp is new so i will return it to the dealer unless you have any other suggestions for me...
  7. xti tunings

    Hi, The EQ/X-OVER settings are all available as pdf's from EAW.COM under the support heading..
  8. Hi all, I think i have the same problem as MIKEIDGE in 'XTI SYSTEM ARCHITECT PROBLEM' topic. One of my brand new Xti 4000's will not show up in a venue in System Architect so i cannot download my presets to it. Network Wizard finds it but under description there's a letter 'y' with two dots over it...... Please help!!
  9. I also have this problem with one of my XTi4000's. DGlass,any chance of sending me the loader program too?
  10. XTi EQ

    I was being stupid!!! That make XTi's a superb product,does everything i need ! Thanks. PS is there any indication of when limiting occurs in System Architect?
  11. XTi EQ

    Hi all, Has anyone else noticed that the XTi datasheet says '6 PARAMETRIC eq's with variable Q' ? Am i being stupid as it appears to me that there is only PARAGRAPHIC eq available for XTi amps in system architect... Other than that,the XTi range is superb value but i would gladly give up the Subharmonic synth(as many other posts have mentioned) for variable Q on the EQ section.I know these are relatively cheap amps but it does say PARAMETRIC on the datasheet! Maybe for a future firmware update??