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  1. i need to order a replacement volume control knob for my XLS 402, but can't find the part number anywhere. the replacement parts page on the crown website says to look in the service manual, but i can't find a service manual, just the operations manual.... which doesn't list part numbers.
  2. i'm just posting here to do an "idiot check" on myself to make sure i'm not about to do something stupid. here's the facts: • i have a pair of behringer bx1800 subwoofers rated at 800pgm/1600pk @ 8ohms. • i want to run these in bridged mono, so they'll have to be "daisy chained" together. • i have a crown 802, that (in some places) is listed as: - 2100W bridged mono @ 4 ohms - 1600W bridged mono @ 8 ohms so, am i correct in stating that each speaker will be getting 1050w max? because the "daisy chain" will effectively put me at 4ohms and the wattage will be split between the speakers? is there a better amp, or more favorable watts/ohms rating i should be looking for here?
  3. crown 602 amp won't power up

    boo.... does that cost less than a new amp?
  4. i have a 5yr old CROWN 602 amplifier that powers my subwoofers. the thing has worked w/o fail the entire time i've had it. sunday when i used it last, it was fine. i powered it up, ran it at a relatively low-normal volume for a band rehearsal, then powered it down as usual. last night i went to the studio, flipped the power switch and... nothing. no lights, no noise, just nothing. the CROWN 802 i have right next to it for my mains is fine. i tried using the power cable from that in the 602. nothing. tried pressing the reset/circuit breaker switch. nothing. wtf happened?
  5. well *beep*... color me ignorant. if it doesn't have the same name and logo on it, i'll never put 2 and 2 together! anyway, i hooked up my amp and my subs as described above, and wouldn't ya know it, the freakin' thing actually worked! thanks for your help.
  6. behringer always seems to make their products more complicated and convulated than necessary under the guise of slightly increasing functionality. it drives me nuts. everyone i've shown that b1800x manual too says the same thing about the wiring (it's not very clear but it looks like pins 2+/2-). i'll let you know if it works. when is crown going to start making speakers?!
  7. you are correct with that assumption! and i assume you meant SPEAKON here rather than XLR since none of the crown models have XLR outputs. (i hope that's the case anyway, either that, or i'm really lost). yes, i am using a crossover. in that case, if i were to use two speakers, it appears i would: - set them both to bi-amp mode. - connect the amp to speaker A's 2+/2- input pins - connect speaker A's 2+/2- output pins to speaker B's 2+/2- input pins don't you worry, everything i have is color coded and excessively labeled to the point of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)!! i even put black tape over labels and outputs/input i don't use. yeah, i'm that crazy. ha ha!!
  8. dave - thank you very much for the clarification. however, i have one question left: i have an original XLS 602. the type with no "bridged mono" switch and only one speakon output. is it possible to use this speakon output for "bridged mono" operation? or do i have to use the banana outputs? i'd assume that i could invert my channel 2 input, and connect pins 1+ (POS) and 2+ (NEG) of the single speakon output to my first subwoofer's 2+/2- pins (Behringer B1800X's in BI-AMPED mode) respectively. is that correct?
  9. In reference to the diagram on the right side of Page 12 in the XLS Series manual: http://www.crownaudio.com/pdf/amps/139441.pdf How is it possible to wire TWO SPEAKERS to ONE AMP OUTPUT with a speakon connector? Do you split the cable in half after the connection? That doesn't make sense. I know you can "Daisy Chain" the speakers (thereby reducing the impedence/ohms) by running a cable from the AMP OUTPUT to SPEAKER 1, and then another cable from SPEAKER 1 to SPEAKER 2. But that's not what this looks like to me. Anybody?