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  1. Hi I’m a crown’s retail-technician. I came up with some questions about the LevelMax in Crown i-Tech HD while I was working with crown amplifiers. If I am using JBL SRX712M, which is 8ohm and power is 800W continuous, 1600W program and 3200w peak, amplified passively by iTech HD. LevelMax is set to auto mode, RMS limiter threshold is 80 volt. Questions: 1. Refer to ITech HD LevelMax Readme File (In auto mode, the peak limiter value is automatically determined form the defined RMS threshold and the low pass frequency defined in the XOVER block. For a low pass frequency less than 100 Hz, the RMS to peak threshold ratio is 6 dB. From 100 Hz to 400 Hz, the RMS to peak ratio increases from 6 dB to 9 dB. Above 400 Hz, the ratio remains at 9 dB.) Why pick 100Hz and 400Hz, how is it calculated or is there a reason? 2. Is it safe using auto mode? For I set the RMS limiter threshold to 80v, so that RMS power is 800W witch is safe to the speaker. Refers to ITech HD LevelMax Readme File, there’s a 9dB RMS to peak ratio (Low pass frequency is 20k). Then the Peak limiter threshold is automatically set to 226V witch peak power is 6400W and it’s too much for the speaker. So IS IT SAFE?? 3. Since the peak limiter voltage can easily exceed speaker’s Peak power rating, should I lower the RMS limiter threshold?