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  1. I-Tech Fans

    I have several I-Tech amps that have runaway fan syndrome. Power them up and after a short time the fan starts up, then starts getting faster until they reach terminal velocity. This happens even with no load connected to the amps. They still work fine, just incredibly noisy. The amps have current firmware loaded. As these were purchased outside country and I would prefer not to have to ship them internationally. Is it possible to get schematics and also details of any adjustments? I noticed a post referring to overlap/underlap adjustments. Thanks, Alistair
  2. Hi, I'm wondering what setting I should set the peak limiter to when an I-Tech is in bridge mode. Say for example I want 120V peak do I set it to 120V or 60V (which would mean each side can get to 60V). Not sure whether the DSP takes the value as one side of the bridge or the sum when in bridged mode. Thanks, Alistair