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  1. Turbo13

    DGlass, thank you so much. I'd really appreaciate it if you could copy the thing for me. Best regards
  2. Hi, I have to service an IQ Crown system consisting of the following equipment: DRN-16 MRX 24 MRX-24S 2 pcs. MPX-6 5pcs. under Crown Turbo13 software. The equipment is functioning properly and can be manually controlled through software. However, the part of the DRN-16 software which interprets input commands from remote panels to the modules MPX-6 and MRX-24 has apparently been deleted. That is, command signals (analog signals from the remote pots and binary signals from the selectors) are properly decoded in DRN-16 but then the module fails to forward commands to the equipment. Since I cannot get hold of the user's manual for Turbo 13 software, I'd appreciate if someone could tell me: 1) whether it is possible to download the user programming manual for Turbo13 software (if yes, where from) 2) whether this system can be controlled using a more advanced Windows-based version of the IQ software and, if so, how such software (and its programming manual) can be obtained; for some reason, I fail to complete successful installation of the Turbo 13 software at my Windows XP-based workstation. Best regards