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  1. Soooo.... Does it hurt the crown to only run one side? Since my band has no need to run stereo, we're happy to be mono, the KPC15s (RMS 125, 250 peak 8 ohm) would be safe to run them both parallel from one channel out of the Xs500 and not plug anything into the other side. 250 watts peak plus 250 watts is 500 watts, and 8ohms paralell comes out to 4 ohms. The Xs500 is 500 watts @ 4ohms stereo. The two smaller 10 inch speakers will go back to being monitors via the small powered mixer they came with, and not plugged into the Xs500 at all. Unless this hurts the Xs500... Granted, I've not even touched the Xs500 yet. Musicians Friend is in the middle of a warehouse move and even though I placed the order two days ago, its not getting loaded on a truck until 9 days from now! I only live 20 minutes from the Clearance Center here in Kansas City, accross the state line, if I pick it up then I have to pay sales tax, if I have it delivered I wait nearly two weeks. I'm not complaining, I think it's comical, I'm willing to wait if it means I save a few bucks. Somebody direct me to the harbor, I have some tea to throw in it!!!!
  2. So should I run both of the 250 peak power speakers out of one side of the amp? That would even things out 4 ohms and 500 watts peak, withing the survival range of the speakers. The band does not really need to be doing things in stereo anyway. Or does running just one side of the amp automaticly run as bridged?
  3. I got a pair of Kustom KPC15 (125 watts RMS, 250 peak, 8 ohm) speakers in leu of money owed to me when a band I was in fizzled out. So I went shopping for a power amp and mixing board to set myself up for the next band project already underway. Then I saw Musicians Friend had a sale on the discontinued, but still under warrantee and higly rated, Xs line. I ordered the Xs500 just this morning. It was on the lowest end of the $$$ scale, a mere $349.99. I like getting a deal, especially when it's quality stuff with a nice warrantee, and with MF gold coverage, so I'm set for 4 years with this item. I had my eye on the XLS202D or XLS402D origianally, the 202 was on the low side of what the Kustoms could handle (200/ch @ 8 ohms), the 402 was on the high end (300/ch @ 8 ohms), but the Xs500 was priced right between the two and pumps a lot more power (400/ch @ 8 ohms). I'm not fooling myself, I know the Kustoms are on the low end of the quality scale. But our needs are not that elaborate for now (band practice every other week, a gig every other month) and I plan on building onto my PA as I can. I’ll either replace the speakers in the Kustoms or upgrade to better ones later on. In the meantime, I need to keep the Kustoms from getting fried. Will keeping the crown turned down keep the Kustoms from blowing or have I made an error that will cost me? I also have a pair of 10 inch PA speakers with horns from a tiny Rogue PA, but the Kustoms are wired in paralell and this would reduce impedance and increase power to the speakers. Advice?