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  1. Hi, I just bought a CM-311A and I'm having trouble with pops and breath noise. The manual says that I'm supposed to push the filter against my lips and indeed this way the pops are almost unaudible. But how am I supposed to articulate clearly with a piece of foam restricting the movement of my lips? And further more, in this position, I'm hearing a lot of breath noise from the nose. The knowledgebase says that I should use a high pass filter to get rid of the low frequency pops and breath noise, but having to record male voices, I can't seem to find a setting that does not have an impact on the richness of the sung tones, especially for the lower parts. I also tried to move the mic away from the center of my mouth, but (maybe it's just the way my face is built) I have to move it to the side all the way to get rid of the breath noise. And then there is a serious impact on the input gain and quality of the sound. Is there a solution or is a headset just not for me and should I bring it back and buy myself a decent (Crown) handheld mic? Any suggestion is welcome! Vince