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  1. Andy, Chuck has responded to your request for information. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.
  2. Andy, Thanks for the response on this. I guess I am still a little confused on something though. You refer to David’s response on “what we should expect to see” from different resistance values. The one mentioned for 4 ohms per channel was 400w. In the test done on the amp with unregulated 115 volts, the amp produced 220 watts. It was stated this would not be seen while driving a speaker. If this is only seen while driving restive loads and not when connected to a speaker, why is it being added to the list of things to improve upon? It would also seem that to really get everything out of this amp (and probably the same holds true for any amp regardless of manufacture) that it needs 120 regulated going to it. Thanks again for your time.
  3. Wylde007, No one has asked them to do this. My basic question was, based off of their own testing, what should we expect to see produced for a 4 and 8 ohm bridged output. Since their own tested show it is not what they expected to see at 20HZ. What is wrong with asking this? Since I own this amp and paid good money for it I dang sure have the right to ask.
  4. Andy, You had stated that concerning the 220 watts at 20 HZ “it hasn't been a problem in the real world because the circuit doesn't activate with a loudspeaker connected, only with a resistive load.”. What is Crown expecting to be seen at this range driving a sub? Does this loss of output go up to the 60 HZ range? The reason I ask, is I am getting new main speakers which will be crossed to the sub no higher than 60 and it seems the amp does not come close to the output I had expected. Will the new XTi’s have a different design or can the existing amp be fixed in some manner?
  5. David, The only thing found with the amp on arrival was the fuse was not in place. I do not think that would explain why the amp underperformed in all frequencies tested. This is were we are hoping Crown will come in with a response on what the amp should be delivering at these freq’s. The only one they document was at 1K and even at that value it did not measure as their documentation states it should.
  6. There is a thread on AVSFORUM that is discussing amplifier testing. The last one that was tested was the Crown Xti1000. This amp seems to have performed very poorly. The details of how the tests were conducted are listed in the first link and the information concerning the Crown is seen in the second link. I was wondering if any Crown rep would care to comment on them. Since I own this model and it seems to perform well under specs I would like to see if Crown has any comments. Thanks. Details of testing method: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=855865 Crown report: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread....865&page=24
  7. XTi EQ

    Headline or David, Can either of you provide me the information on changing the Q (in reguards to the information David sent over to you)? Thanks.
  8. SA for XTi

    David, Thanks for the reply. If by chance you have a few minutes can you look at my other thread about the XTI firmware? I have added some information for you to see. Thanks again. http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1939
  9. Are there any plans to have the speaker EQ functionality I see in the ITech series of SA moved over to the XTi series? Right now I only see where you can EQ the input on the XTi and would like to EQ the output without an external EQ. Thanks.
  10. XTi 1000 FW

    David, Thanks for the reply. I am hooked up to the amp right now with SA 1.41. I looked at the preset for "Bridge" and the input showed sum (ch1 + ch2). With this, only the channel 1 input showed signal. I went to the preset "bridge subs". Again the input showed sum (ch1 + ch2) with only channel 1 showing a signal. As a test I changed it to "input y". As soon as I did this, I show a signal on channel 1 and 2. I am trying to attach a few pictures and you will be able to see what I mean. I apologize but on one the flash did not go off but you can see the leds and the laptop screen.
  11. XTi 1000 FW

    Can any Crown folks or anyone using a XTi100 in bridged sub with this firmware let me know if they are seeing the same thing? Thanks.
  12. XTi 1000 FW

    Fishel, Thanks for the reply. I had originaly just been using the default "brg subs", nothing customized. I just want to see if anyone else on this firmware using the bridged subs showsthe same thing.
  13. I just updated my new XTi 1000 to firware version and noticed something different taking place and would like to see if someone knows if this is because of the firmware update. When I originally hooked up the amp I set it to the "BRG SUBS" preset. While using the amp in this manner I only saw channel one show a "signal" led. I have the custom below settings now and see a "signal" led on both channels. Should this be taking place? Thanks. Only Channel 1 shows in the main screen Input Mode=Input Y Output mode=bridge mono x-over=100 lp