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  1. Hello, We use several XTi-2000 and 4000 Amps, but some of them seams not store their presets right. When loaded from the frontpanel sometimes one channel is not set right. Mostly the channel two x-over setting is gone, but sometimes also the EQ is messed up. This happens espacially when they where powered off for a week or so, but sometimes even the next day. It does not happen to all presets and not always for channel two. It seems to happen very random. When the presets are loaded from the laptop and stored at the amp, I can easily load or switch between them from the front pannel, no problems then.... I saved all presets to my laptop, so reloading the right settings is easily done, but very annoying. All amps are on FW Did anyone experienced this too ? Or does anyone know how to prevent this ? Regards, Hugo de Vreede Maintain Promotions Netherlands
  2. XTI4000

    Hello, I've a problem with one of our XTi 2000. One channel drops now and then, "short" light flashes on. Unfortunatally I have no warrenty on it, since I bought it last year from a friend. Our techs are quit able to fix it them selves. Can I ask for the schematics ? Regards, Hugo
  3. Several XTI problems

    Hi, thanks both for your replies ! First of all I am very pleased with the sound witch this crown setup gives me out of my set. Much, much better then it was on my previous amp-rack (conventional QSC). Driving each driver at 8 Ohm is an option, but Sub 2 on the XTi-2000 in bridge works perfect, no problem at all. The problem only occurs on Sub 1, with exactly the same setup. Sound is ok now, only USB connection drops at some power use. That might be caused by my usb network itselves. For now I use a standard USB-hub without an external powersource. Witch is highly recommended as I found out reading lots of topics on this forum. But only that XTi-2000 is losing its connection...maybe usb power is just enough for 3 amps. I'm still waiting for my USB anywhere device to arrive, in order to get a wireless router setup in the end. That leaves me with only the hi noise level at my EV-high, that might be a problem of the amp itselves ? Or could that be solved with new firmware ? Regards, Hugo
  4. Hi all, I just got my 4 XTi amps and was testing them last weekend, but serveral problems came up: Setup: Sub1 - LA128 2000w @ 4 Ohm driven by an XTi-2000 in bridge Sub2 - LA128 2000w @ 4 Ohm driven by an XTi-2000 in bridge 2 * EV Xi-1152 Mid parts driven by an XTi-4000 in stereo 2 * EV Xi-1152 Hi parts driven by an XTi-2000 in stereo All amps in one rack. One of the XTi-2000 used for a sub had a lot of problems keeping it active. "Plops" and strange noises were present once in while. Readylight went of and on, and Thermal was flashing every 1 minute, even with no speaker connection at all. After re-loading the firmware ( it seems working ok again. The only problem left, is USB connection lost when the amp has to work a bit. If I use more then, lets say, 50% of it's capacity the USB connection is lost. The XTi-2000 used for the hi part of the EV's gives a lot of noise. When mute them or reduce the level at S.A., the noise level reduces or is completely gone. And last but not least : My XTi-4000 is on firmware ???? I thought was the most recent ?