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  1. Clipping on XS900

    EDIT: Well, I sent the amp in to Crown for servicing. Forget these posts. Well the DCR of my speaker is 3.2 ohms, but the amp would never see that in reality. Here is the simulated impedance graph of my speaker in its enclosure.
  2. Clipping on XS900

    Nah, we know each other from another forum. I just found it a bit insulting that he thought I was possibly getting full output from the amp when that isn't hardly the case. From a Panasonic XR-55 receiver's LFE out. I've tried it at both levels. Once, domestic with just the receiver and the amp. Then I bought a Samson S-Convert (it converts from domestic level to pro level). RCA from receiver to Samson S-Convert. Then balanced XLR from S-Convert to Input 1 of the receiver. It is in bridge mode. Wiring is hooked up to the two positive terminals. No. The amp appears to work fine most of the time, yet suddenly clips during certain demanding scenes in movies. http://www.samsontech.com/products/product...cfm?prodID=1699
  3. Clipping on XS900

    Well Geoff, I didn't realize you had actually posted here. You don't need to convince me that the clip lights don't work like that because you and everyone else are absolutely correct. I proved it to myself when I tried the samson s-convert out and it still clipped at the same time, but you're mistaken in one area. There is NO way I am actually getting full output. You know better than this Geoff. I am driving one 15" TC-2000 driver, very similar to the Rl-p 15 you've had experience with. I have my setup calibrated properly (say, -20 on the receiver is 85dB at the speakers) and the amp is clipping at this very point in movies. It can't be putting out anywhere near 1500W, let alone 2000W. It just isn't that loud. There are only two possibilities: A) it truly is suffering from lack of power from the circuit. the amp somehow broke between Chuck testing it (when it worked absolutely fine) and now. I highly doubt B is the culprit. I am going to run a new 20A circuit dedicated for the amp and see what happens.
  4. XS1200 low frequency response.

    Thanks for the post Mr. Glass. Thats what I want to hear.
  5. XS1200 low frequency response.

    Thanks for the post. Nah, I am not trying to go down to DC or anything, just wondering. I am not so concerned but someone else was, so I was asking on their behalf.
  6. XS1200 low frequency response.

  7. So I noticed that Crown doesn't typically provide a spec for the -3dB frequency response point in their documentation. But I was wondering if someone could tell me. I see the +/- 1dB point is 22Hz...is the -3dB point 10Hz? 5Hz? Just curious, thanks. Will