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  1. are these boards identical? 137464-3B and 137464-3C also are these boards identical as-well? 137098-10D and 137098-10E Cheers
  2. Itech help!

    i sent it in they replaced both ntc's and sent it back as passed there tests, but was still broken when i got it back with the same fault probably in there tests they dont run them very long as this fault would kick in sometime in when in use, sometimes 1hr sometimes 10hrs
  3. Itech help!

    I have an itech that did the same as this, I sent it off to crown for repair and it came back just as broken,cost me 500 dollars in postage so I bought another itech instead which has worked fine for years. Would love to know what is causing this issue though
  4. i have some XTi's and ITech's and noticed they have LED's inside them and the itech has many, are these fault light indication's or what? is so, how could i get some info on the light codes?
  5. XTi Temps

    the 4000 is set to low, and the other 2 are set to high, how do you change these? i remember you have to hold something in when you turn it on i think, will set them all to low as the fan noise is no worry
  6. I have a XTi 1000, 2000, and 4000, the 1k and the 2k are both chinese ones and the 4k is a usa made 1000 idle 20mins PS 60c CH1 40c CH2 40c 2000 idle 20mins PS 48c CH1 35c CH2 38c 4000 idle 20mins PS 46c CH1 31c CH2 33c so why is the power supply in the 1000 so hot during this 20 mins no fans came on
  7. I-Tech Temperature

    thanks kevin, have never seen it above 0% though :s
  8. Does any body know how to check the I-Techs temp? haven't been able to work it out yet.. Cheers.
  9. Itech 6000 fault

    we didnt want 1500watts a bin that night, but when we were troubleshooting the problem, with compressor and limiter turned off it would give out no more then -18dB (going straight t clip), it even dropped to -30dB with in a couple hours.
  10. I was also wondering about putting up the bandpass gain a significant amount if it would clip the signal inturnally or not, im running I-Tech 6000 and when i have the input setup to just before clip i need to raise the bandpass gain to about 9 - 12dB to get the desired output level, is this not recommended and if so, how else can i get the level required? cheers
  11. Macro I-Techs and Latency

    So i noticed on the I-Tech spec sheet it states on the analogue inputs 1.13ms delay, is there much less to nill delay on the XTi? if so i would have to add 1 - 1.13ms delay to the XTi to keep it in phase??
  12. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    well i dont think it was that kind of fault where it is going to blow up in my face, i think it has "miraculesly" fixed it self because it has stopped doing it all together for now, i think it might have been software related as when you do a firmware update and reboot, it turns off like that, but just not on again, and it was doing it as soon as it would appear to load the firmware, so im thinking it got corrupted somehow, would like some crown techs theory on this one though. as for sending it in to be fixed, its not really worth it as i did no buy it from my country, so anything i can do to fix it here, i will do..
  13. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    UPDATE: i have been trying to sus out the problem, i have found out that when it hasnt been plugged in for ages i can turn it on and have it on for a couple of minutes playing music and all is working and then it will turn it self off, once it does this i can turn it back on but it keeps turning it self off again, and i have to leave it for a long time before it will stay on for a few minutes. if any one can help me with this it would be much appreciated.
  14. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    i have just had this happen to one of my amps also, just wondering what is the cause of it?