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  1. Controling a SMX-6

    Well, after sitting in the rack never used in more than 8 years, the SMX-6 in our control room is up and working. I downloaded the IQ for Windows program from home, loaded it onto my laptop, bought a 25 pin to 9 pin adaptor, and everything worked out just fine. This unit might be just the thing for channels that need gates and compression while I wait for the audio equipment bits that are out for my venue to come in. I'm thinking that it might be good for a six microphone drum sub mix or something. . . Anyway, thanks for all your help with this issue. If I had known how easy it would be, I would have got this unit working long ago!
  2. Controling a SMX-6

    Hello, I just pulled my SMX-6 out of the rack for the very first time in an effort to get it working. Two things that I noticed right off. It does not have a 9 pin RS232 Port. It has a 25 Pin Port. Will a 25>9 Pin adaptor work here? Also, this unit has a small black switch located along with the address/baud rate switches. I can't find any reference to this switch in any of the documentation. The other thing was the units address was set to zero. I'm guessing that the reason this little black box doesn't work is that it has NEVER been configured. It was just thrown in the rack and that was it. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!
  3. Controling a SMX-6

    Thank you very much! That was just the answer I was looking for. Now to download the program and buy a cable. . .
  4. My venue has a IQ System SMX-6. My question is: Will this unit only function with the old DOS "Legacy" software or can I use a newer windows based software to control it? To the best of my knowledge, this unit has NEVER functioned. We've never really needed it, but I figured that since I have some time on my hands I'd see about getting it up and running. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.