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  1. I-Tech 6000 Problem

    Thank's a lot for your help I got it sent back. Hopefully it will get repaired quickly. ~Honnah
  2. I-Tech 6000 Problem

    Is there any way I can get an RMA# or something like that? Or do I need to contact Sound Productions where I bought them online?
  3. I-Tech 6000 Problem

    Hello, We recently purchased some I-t6000 amps and have used them for about three moderatly sized shows as monitor amps so they have ran for under 150 hours. During this last show we used them at one of the amps suddenly quit working and the attenuation is on -100 and you can't change it. If you try to go the the monitor menu and go through the pages it locks up and restarts. From what I can see there were no clip errors, fault errors, or line errors. I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with it. No lights are on that shouldn't be and I have gone through all the troubleshooting ideas I can think of. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. ~Honnah