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  1. I'm not able to open the attached file. Crown website showing I don't have permission to open (I'm logged in)
  2. Page 3 of the PDF has just the diagram you are looking for. Basically the connection unbalances the inputs of the amp but it works. To keep it balanced you would need a device like the Whirlwind LBS (Line Balancer/Splitter). This will except a balanced or unbalanced input and provide two balanced outputs. One of these two Balanced outputs would feed amp channel 1 via a standard pin to pin wired cable. The other Balanced output would feed channel 2. However the XLR connector on the channel2 amp end of this cable would be wired like the XLR out of polarity connector of the balanced "Y" diagram were pins 2 and 3 are reversed. Note if you try this make sure you use a "LINE LEVEL" device as some are made for microphones only and will distort you signal if the level feeding it is to high. I would try the first suggestion if it is not satifactory than get a line level splitter.
  3. Thanks for the info. What I could really use is a diagram that shows how to wire a custom Y cable 1/4 inch unbalanced sub output from the mixer to XLR/XLR to amp. People are telling me this is not possible. Unfortunately, this funky Y adapter is not available for sale anywhere and I must now try to make this myself if in fact it is possible to do so. The diagrams only show XLR female to XLR male/male
  4. I have a XLS 402. I want to put this in bridge mono mode to power a single 18" sub. My DJ mixer is a Denon that has a dedicated subwoofer output which is a 1/4 inch mono output. What kind of Y adapter would I need? Just a simple XLR/XLR to 1/4 inch, or would that just be too easy? Appreciate anyone that could help me. Thanks~