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  1. I have your amp and have it working. It appears that somehow the "Description" field for the amp was blanked out. With this field blanked out System Architect will not populate it into the Venue View. FYI the software is not supposed to allow this field to be left blank. Once this field is blank there is no easy way to repopulate it especially since you can't get it to show up in System Architect where you can change it. I will have the service techs go through it tomorrow for any possible updates and get it back to you. Thank you for checking out my amp. It appears as though a few may have slipped through the cracks when these were manufactured. Now about that Fedex charge I paid to get it working the way it should have out of the box.....
  2. Quite a coincidence that we have the same last name, "Doyle", but I struggled with the same problem last week and could find no resolution. My XTI4000 was also built in June of last year and was tested on 6/27/2007 with Ser.# 8001408XXX. It came with firmware version and I was able to update to using the CLoader utility, but SA couldn't auto populate the venue with the unit and when I manually placed it in the venue it wouldn't go "Online" for programming. I tried every configuration of having the unit on or off when starting SA, connecting to the USB port, readdressing the unit, etc. that I could think of to get the unit "Online", all to no avail. I have a 2nd XTI4000 that I bought two weeks ago that SA recognizes immediately when connected, so the problem is with the original unit, not the PC. I ended up sending the problem unit in for service and am hoping that the unit is returned without this problem. Hopefully, you'll be more successful and find a resolution before tomorrow.