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  1. noise level of XTI4000

    As we have discussed before the XTi range does have a small amount of hiss attributable to the DSP unit in the amp. This normally is not an issue with full range cabs with built in crossover because... Most aren't buying these to use with stuff with built in networks, but to take advantage of the DSP. At any rate, the noise issue comes up constantly here and on other forums -- good luck on getting an explanation from Crown. "Caused by the DSP" don't get it.
  2. I agree and disagree. You mentioned "performance", and that should include full disclosure regarding distortion. I agree that it's not practical to give a low watt usage spec, I mean, it is a pro amp designed primarily for higher power usage. I like the amp, but I think giving a THD number at a single frequency (1kHz) only is kind of unusual these days -- I can't think of anyone else offhand that does that anymore. 20Hz-20kHz is standard, and it's fairly common to see the THD+N these days.
  3. Hi Mark, I'm one of the Klipsch guys -- I guess you've been talking to Bill Hendrix? How's that little project coming along? I'm looking for some THD+Noise measurements -- I'm surprised you don't furnish any. I own two XTi 1000's in a biamp config and love them. However, we are taking a real beating from some for using them "in the home". IOW's, it was designed for "portable sound applications" and Crown never intended that it be used as a "Hi-Fi" amp. "It was designed to be run full out, and will have dismal distortion specs at the power levels we use them", etc. The Klipsch Community is huge, and we're trying to stir up more interest in these things -- but it's difficult.
  4. Are there any available distortion measurements for the XTi 1000 -- I'm mostly interested in what they look like at 10 watts or less.
  5. Interesting answer. Since it uses the BCA topology, I thought the I-tech series superceded the K series. I would love to go in that direction, but just don't have the green. About six months ago I'd decided I wanted to try active filtering. I didn't get the warm fuzzies at the thought of replacing the $600 worth of passive filters I'd built myself with some pro gear, but if I was going to try active filtering I didn't have much choice. About a dozen of us are running a custom set up designed by Roy Delgado from Klipsch Professional; the KPT-Jubilee 535 Stage System in a two-way configuration -- and active filtering is almost a no brainer with this set up because of the time offset between the LF and HF sections. And oh yes -- we have these set up in our homes for music and HT use. Delgado is really fond of the EV DX38, but it's $1500 and you still need two amps -- and this is the main reason I built the passives. One of the guys put up a post on the Klipsch forums asking if the new Crown xTi amps would work. *beep* no they won't work -- no self respecting audiophile is going to dump a karaoke amp into their system. O.K., but they won't exactly empty out the checking account, and if they sound as profoundly bad as everyone says they will -- they can be sent to eBay. So, a pair of xTi 1000's were purchased from Full Compass and shipped directly to Delgado down in Hope Arkansas so he could play with them. After running them through the paces, he gave them a big thumbs up. Now Roy (Delgado) is big time Cinema guy, so some us are figuring he probably don't hear all that good -- so we drove down to Hope to listen for ourselves. The result of that visit was me coming back and buying two xTi 1000's. I run them with an Aphex 124A and Sony 9100ES DVD player (direct, no preamp). A year ago I was running $4000 worth of tube gear (monoblocks and preamp) and my insanely built passives -- all replaced with two Crown "karaoke" amps. I don't know what happened to the glare and grain I normally hear with solid state stuff -- but these amps don't have it. I highly recommend the xTi series for home use.